Excellent Interior Design

With some confidence is stated that the definition for each normal inhabitant of the earth certainly has important value comfort of his personal home. That coziness involves a person every day after work home, providing the opportunity to fully relax and naturally gather fresh forces lurking for a new day or so. Governor Cuomo recognizes the significance of this. Implement this kind of necessary conditions, in principle, everyone in the world, not even possession of special knowledge. At this personally it requires only to have himself in the house the best apartment renovation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jeff Gennette. The main condition for obtaining a successful outcome at the end of the repair work itself is seeking to qualified service personnel. Find an organization whose employees actually had the ability to not only provide a lot of techniques of various styles of design in view of desires as well as opportunities for the owner, but also take on immediate execution of all work required to fully accessible. Actually for this search is not required in general, even to leave their own home or workplace in which any office. On such a case would require only a simple entry to the World Wide Web Internet and of course, a specialized Internet portal such firm.

Turning to the pros, having the desire to completely transform your home into the qualitative side, in full, you can easily count on the fact that the entire list of required works included in the renovation of apartments, on a mandatory basis to be agreed with the homeowners. And strictly only in the end, after addition, as owners will be approved by the entire project in general, and in turn demanded stipulated value of the expected repair professionals enter the workforce. In this variant will be at the same time take into account this factor as neighbors, say for example that if they do not mind the work in the evening, then this option will force under perform repairs demanded in short time intervals. Otherwise raze be implemented practically all necessary work in a while, that actually can affect the timing. Making out in such company demanded a comprehensive repair their homes every single client can use a lot of merit.

In among which stands out is that in the statement of work clearly will include all existing types of repair and installation works, including, for example waste removal of construction materials. Given the presence of a team the organization of an experienced designer, you can not worry about the outcome, including to be sure that later in that of the recently renovated apartment will definitely be not only to relax after work, but also proudly welcome guests. Due to the fact that definitely will, than to brag to their friends. For example, planning a kitchen interior, a professional organization, in any case will specify directly what furniture of the apartment owner, more than most like to see in their own kitchen. And also plans to purchase a modern kitchen appliances, and apparently on the basis of these two fundamentally important factors, and clearly will develop the most appropriate style of design. In this case, in what form you want a kitchen will not only convenient and practical place directly for cooking, but of course also a place where uniquely for all family members will be pleased to meet, say, drinking morning tea or coffee. In general, such an approach will be professional all the rooms of the apartment, so that eventually an ideal combined presentable appearance design with the convenience and versatility, and in addition to virtually every person living in this apartment.

Gothic Clinker

On the part of the decorative expressiveness of clinkers, too occupies a leading position. It comes in the widest range of colors, with more than 100 options – from deep red to a neutral white. And, again, this diversity is achieved only through natural components. Filed under: Jeff Gennette. The surfaces may be raw, rough, or glazed. Extrusion method allows to produce items of different shapes and sizes.

The most typical tiles are Format: 11,5 x24, 24×24 and Z0hZ0 cm and a thickness in the range of 8-12 mm. Scope of ceramic tiles is incredibly broad. Above all, this trimming of the building. Using the tile under a brick, can be reproduced image of the ancient palace, Gothic castle or an ancient Russian villa. The variety of colors allows you to create interesting mixed. But of course, in addition to decorative properties, facing clinker tiles has also protective properties. The facade, covered by it, is resistant to weathering, abrasion and impacts of acid rain. On such a surface is not trapped dirt, dust and soot from the walls feature washer works fine rain.

And that means minimized operating costs. Very widely used clinker and landscaping – paving the garden paths, terraces, patios, driveways to garages, etc. And this is understandable. Due to the above-mentioned Frost tile owner of the suburban area can not be afraid that it cracked after the first frosts. In addition, clinker copes with large static loads. In brochures found information that lined ceramic tiles market can bear on itself seven laden freight trains! even if to take it with a grain of salt, the fact remains: clinker significantly superior to the strength characteristics of most modern materials for paving.

Drainage Pumps

Depending on how quickly necessary to make pumping, and is determined by the choice of model. Typically, drainage pumps made of stainless steel, but there is a valid and reliable models of plastic – for example, grundfos type unilift cc. Their main advantage – with respect low weight and price. In addition, such units are low noise and can be installed directly in the house. Jeff Gennette might disagree with that approach. They are not too powerful (capacity not exceeding 3 l / s (11m3 / h), but this is quite enough for not too wet sites and occasional use – siphon drain well, pit, eliminating the consequences of small household accident. It is worth noting that such pumps operate only in relatively cold water (4 to 40 C) so pumped hot sinks, they can not. Choosing a pump, you should pay attention to such of its characteristics as a maximum size of particulate matter, skip the unit, or otherwise – on the diameter of the outlet pipe. If in specific circumstances can not prevent sludge, wood chips or plant into the water, you'd better have a pump that can pump dirty water with the dimensions of mechanical particles of 40-50 mm (eg, grundfos type unilift ar made of stainless steel).

Attention, drainage! In conclusion, we must give some tips on care and maintenance of drainage systems. Remember that once laid pipes, heavy equipment on site can not ride, and if topsoil compacted cars wheels, it should be deep tillage, to give the necessary degree of soil permeability. Otherwise, the drainage system will not work. The main causes of decline capacity of drainage pipe can become sludge pipes in some areas, damage to pipes, overgrown sections of pipes due to siltation and clogging, clogged holes in the filter cuts. Therefore, every 2-3 years drainage pipe preferably washed in order to prevent them from silting and clogging the holes iron hydroxide. To this end, the open edge of the reservoir (that flows into the water inlet) connected the hose and hosed water washed drainage system. Also, specialists are advised to use special hydraulic high-pressure equipment.

It is in organizations that have a corresponding "chalet" services. and important: remember that spring to spring is not necessary. And if you're lucky this time, and water was scarce, is it worth waiting for "surprises" by nature? After all, no matter how the climate is changing, the main way to combat excessive moisture has been and remains drainage. Press office of the company "Grundfos"


Willingness to work and the front surface requirements availability requirements of the building and separate the surfaces to be finish drywall sheets, such as shown in Table. Finish sheets of drywall (Plaster, gypsum and fiberboard) is allowed in rooms where humidity operating conditions does not exceed 60%. Get all the facts and insights with Jeff Gennette, another great source of information. Humidity surfaces of masonry structures, finished dry plaster, shall not exceed 8%, and wood – 23%. Surface, finished sheets of drywall, must meet the requirements listed in Table. table. The deviation surface of the structures sheets finish drywall designs deflection, mm, max deviation of the surface of walls, partitions, husk and from vertical to floor 10 Deviations floors and protruding edges of the runs I horizontally on the length and width of the room 10 Local projections and concave, camber plates and planks on the walls, partitions and floors five partitions and floors should not be cutting the slits. In places the adjacency to the walls and partitions ceiling cracks close up.

In the presence of indoor surfaces, finished the wet plaster, first perform the work on wet plaster, and then – on dry plaster. Preparation of surfaces for mounting sheet breakdown of surfaces and preparation sheets Regularity and evenness of the finished surface is checked by staking them to set the reference marks (beacons). Prior to the coating surface is divided into with marking the mounting plates and sheets are cut out, using the rule, T-square and a knife or circular saw with fine teeth up to 2 mm at a speed of 2,300 rpm.

Buildings Reliability

In this community, construction of buildings acquires great importance. And the same is assigned to a colossal, including having a connection with the construction industry. Here, in order to prepare a basic collection of documents on a certain building under construction, will need to spend a full range of expertise in a particular locality, in order to prepare for acts of repair – should review the status of the building. In order to taking building in use – also need qualified and reliable construction expertise, which would demonstrate that the plan has been implemented in full accordance with all applicable in the present construction standards. The company, which orders the construction of houses zastroechnoy company, surely must check the quality of implementation of the work.

And this does not necessarily have the staffing professionals who would have appropriate professional training and experience in all areas without exception constructional activities. Jeff Gennette has many thoughts on the issue. Moreover, in order to produce a full inspection of buildings, must be mastered, but skills at the same time and special diagnostic equipment. Professionals operating in the field of structural inspections can be done without exception, the procedure as soon as possible. While in organizations that carry out the implementation of various studies (civil engineering, construction, engineering, and besides techno-economic and legal), an exceptionally high level of responsibility. Only the best have to work in a construction consulting and expert evaluation.

It is known that in today's construction of buildings more destination receives residential mortgage. Objective assessment the actual state of a certain individual facility under construction in the role of the investment object – including the occupation of the objective of experienced experts. Resorting directly to independent experts, not the most appraisers generating construction firm, the client will always receive quality information, which provides an opportunity to minimize project risks and increase its profit potential. Moreover, because that appraisers construction in the state at the same time producing technical supervision in the organization of the contractor of construction works, such a solution provides the ability to be able to live otsmatrivat quality activities, compliance with financial estimates and construction periods. Choosing the services of professionals in the field of construction expertise and technical supervision, construction of the customer himself gets bail accurate compliance with all versions of works created and approved the project, and along with financial estimates.

Concrete Surface

We differentiate between the following methods Finish: – Method of dry plaster, which plates are mounted on the bearing surface with a special adhesive. – Panels on the substructure, mainly on the surface of the curtain. With this method, dry plaster Make sure that the supporting surface Durable, Non-shrinking, as well as protected against humidity and . Remains of the solution, as well as wax or oil on the concrete formwork should be removed. Fresh, still wet Concrete must be dry. Smooth surfaces (concrete) should be primed Rea Kombikontakt, highly absorbent surfaces (aerated) – Primer Rea Kombigrund. When combining the methods of dry and wet plaster first apply crude.

With a combination of wall and ceiling is recommended that you perform cladding. Wall cladding, dry plaster. As the drywall on the bearing surface (wall masonry, concrete) at using a special glue fastens drywall rigips (producer of Austria), the thickness of 12.5 mm, height is the height of the room. To ensure rapid progress Prepare Sheetrock right size immediately for the entire wall. Before mounting plate to the wall Lay all internal wiring. Junction outlet and switch box is inserted so that they are about 2 cm out from the wall. The order of cladding is shown in Fig. 22.

On the back side plates, trimmed the size of the premises, apply diluted according to instructions (see packaging) glue. In the window frames, sinks, brackets, chimneys, etc. Apply glue to the entire surface of the plates. Mounting / alignment. Plate coated with glue to attach to the wall, knock on it with a rubber mallet and alignment rack and at the same time to align so that the plates fit snugly to each other horizontally and vertically.

Laying Fence

Sidewalk tiles here, for example, came it would be good. Laying of paving workers is the most intense interest – and good or do not make a marriage? No, everything seems to be correctly done – nicely turned out. But cobbles – even better would be in harmony with the surrounding buildings. And the lights are terrible it would be good replaced by something more modern. And borders the sidewalk does not look too pretty. Far from harmonious. Must be different. Such clarity and sophistication of citizens, awakened in them desire for harmony and quality, just causes manufacturers to keep and expand the product range. Thredup: the source for more info.

But manufacturers in the loser will not be – the production of paving tiles on the low profitability can not complain. With good quality, of course. Many of us have to remember the adage – to dream is not harmful, but as soon as the Russians have is the possibility of somehow change the world around – they are turning in favor of it is a systemic approach. Building leaders firms are able to confirm – until recently customers when it comes to, say, the fence, dubbed by only one demand – not expensive. The point, of course, there is – the fences must be sturdy and reliable, but Today, the majority of customers and do not remember the qualities that are implied by default. And immediately taken to discuss and plan so that the new fence was not inharmonious element in the overall landscape, consult with experts – and show us the wooden fences, or do you recommend to immediately see the fences of corrugated board, because they are more suitable in this case? By the way, how many of us are, for example, what could be Today concrete fences? Manufacturers are now able to offer dozens of various textures, looking at that do not always say that all this splendor is related to the concrete fence.

So, not very much for themselves themselves and others we do the surrounding reality better and more harmonious. Changing the courtyard and the street – and on them all the more pleasant to walk on, changed the city – it is more convenient for life. And the country – is changing. And it would seem – well, fences, Well, curb and tile

Choose The Right Airconditioner

Indispensable device in our daily lives is air conditioning, and that after the purchase will not be disappointed in him worth listening to useful sovetam.Ego title came from the English air condition, which means "the state air. Nowadays it is – a device that keeps the room temperature set point. Air conditioning in the Samara ceased to be a luxury for a long time. Today, air conditioners Samara gets and sets the tens of thousands of year. It is flat and the various offices. Usually, in the understanding of Samarans, these devices are designed to feed into the room cold air. However, not all residents of Samara is known that some of them may not just chill, and feed and warm air in the room.

This makes the purchase of air conditioning in Samara more effective. Because in the summer heat, he will save us from the heat, as well as help to feel comfortable in the cold evenings. Today in Sales there, working in the cold and heat, air conditioning , Daikin, Ballu, Midea, Sanyo, Fuji. They all vary in price, power, and internal functional. The first thing to do when choosing air-conditioning – is to decide why you need air conditioning, and how much you want him to spend. Once you have this defined, you need to call a large company, professionally dedicated to hvac equipment and ask for advice – qualified staff to correctly identify what conditioner you need to not overpay for him and provide the desired effekt.Tolko so you can be sure that you have chosen correctly.


For models with a fan requires more setup remote transformer to 24V (safety voltage) – 11400 euro / piece. ODlya connection ventilation – qsk ec. Decorative lattice: anodized aluminum (8), paint ral, tree (3) Marble (2) Granite (1). Grilles are made with a rubber gasket, with a rounded profile. The design of gratings allows you to change individual bars, has increased resistant to chemicals, moisture, can be washed in dishwashers. Execution standard: stainless steel, painted in dark gray (not shine through the bars). Lattice is not included, Protective cover included.

Execution of non-standard: length surcharge of 1 000 – 2760 rub. for m.pog.; oradius – 12 240 – 24 480 rubles. for m.pog., slices, contours of the columns; depth – no; ouglovye items – 5,520 – 14,520 rubles. per piece. oispolnenie for high blood pressure (16 bar) – 2,720 – 3,640 rubles. per piece. odiagonalnoe location bar grille; ofiksator lattice (to eliminate its unauthorized lifting); ousilennye support (for full load in walking); oustroystva for combining multiple convectors; ovstroenny tray for laying pipes or cables supply.

Dimensions: ovysota: min 90mm, max 190mm; oshirina: min 180mm, max 410mm; odlina: min 850mm, max 5 000mm. Management: oanalogovy regulator “Alpha” (several species) – 1720 – 6720 euro / piece. otsifrovoy (programmable) controller DS-1000 – 9600 euro / pcs. Application: for heating houses and low-rise buildings (working pressure 10 bar) – as standard. For heating high-rise buildings – performance on demand.


A few days ago decided to repair the ceiling at his home and questioned paint or whitewash? I wondered this question because a suspended ceiling, I never edit it and I like not an expert in this field too long need to install it there (!) tension is expensive and time-consuming. Obmozgoval even a little bit and stopped before selecting whitewash the ceiling. Yes indeed in these difficult times, this method is applied is very common. He did not requires a lot of cash investments and spend a lot of time to repair. Whitewashed ceiling looks quite neat and in an apartment svetlo.Pochital information, and that’s what I read: Preparations before whitewashing the ceiling or painting: Ceiling blanch and dye only after careful preparation. She performed in several working steps. Ceiling to clean up, putty and prime! After all this work done you can start to whitewash or paint your ceiling.

Requires painting a ceiling: For use lime whitewash the ceiling, and painting, you can use acrylic or latex paint. Whitewash the ceiling, better stages, caused a single layer, it is necessary wait about 24 hours, what would it dry, then you can apply the next layer. Painting a ceiling can be carried out in two steps, but you can into one. (As opposed to Thredup). All depending on the requirements for the surface. When painting produce a single layer, it is necessary to paint in one direction, and when the two stages, the first may be applied to a thickness of 2 mm, and with the latter inflicted a layer to bring the work to the final. When painting the ceiling in two steps, the quality of Work is getting better. Once the ceiling whitewashed or painted, it can be easily apply a decorative pattern.

Not a very difficult job and agree costs are not as significant as in the other finishing the ceiling. More information about the whitewash and paint the ceiling can be found on the site.


And not just because of the illiterate or careless use. Cause of accidents are the conditions of the equipment, which are often far from ideal. To prevent the risk it is important to choose the right equipment. But sometimes it is necessary to adjust the conditions under those required for safe operation of appliances. The main enemy of electric kitchen utensils, as well as pumping plants, water heaters and other appliances is hard water, because of which calcification. It accumulates on the heating elements, leads to deposits, leading to overheating of devices and gradually removes them from the system.

Scum – are solid deposits on the walls of tubes (heat exchangers, heating, etc.) formed by heating the water falling as a result it contains impurities (primarily calcium and magnesium carbonates). Initially, it affects the heat transfer, and then gradually brings the device from a working condition. In addition to domestic chemical additives (antiscale ") or use a special coolant supply systems, to deal with limescale to different parts of the appliances use special devices (for example, VULCAN-5000 (Germany)). Such a device is mounted on the pipes of any material: iron, copper, plastic and stainless steel. Transmitting electromagnetic waves into the water, it changes the structure of salts of hardness: the crystallization of the lime while also radically changes the liquid lime is washed with water.

The hardness of water – is not only harmful to the equipment factor. There are others. This uneven pressure of the gas and water pipelines, a negative effect on the operation of pumps, gas boilers, water heaters.

Russia Energy

Because of this, the fashion is a special eco-friendly life-style: waste less fuel and use energy-saving devices. Energy efficiency – such necessary and unnecessary While Europeans "tighten their belts" in the Soviet Union had energy like never cheap, and their economy no one thought. It was at that time built a huge fund buildings with a very low heat-shielding is not suitable for the climatic conditions. The era of cheap energy in our country is long gone, but neither the economy nor the population have not been able to adapt to changing conditions. According to statistics, the domestic housing is now consuming 25% of the country's energy resources. The lion's share of them wasted.

According to various estimates, the total heat loss in our public services reach 70%, of which 40% is worn on the district heating and 30% – on poorly insulated buildings. It is such panel blocks of flats, built in 1960-80-ies. Have become a serious problem of modern Russian utilities. Dramatic situation is that the tariffs for public utilities (including heating) are constantly growing and to pay for them at the Russians were getting most of the salary. Rosstat,% till 40 families spent on public services better fourths incomes. And each seventh inhabitant of our country pays for the apartment, half to three quarters of earnings! It would seem that under such imposing costs on utilities, Russians have a vested interest in the speedy implementation of energy-saving technologies. However, until recently in Russia is simply no mechanism that would have made favorable for the layman to use energy-efficient solutions.