Social Policy Implementation

It stressed the negative consequences that the model of capitalist production and consumption has on the environment, which has fueled the increase in natural phenomena and the impact these have on our people. In this regard, they instructed the Ministerial Council of ALBA a “TCP, so that through the respective authorities believed the international brigade of humanitarian aid ALBA, headquartered in La Guaira, Vargas State, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and presence in each country. For more information see Western Union. It instructed the Ministerial Council of ALBA a “TCP, through the appropriate bodies, to create a bicentennial committee organizing the commemoration of the beginning of the revolution of independence of the continent.

It was from this date an interregional committee coordinated by the Ministry of Popular Power for Telecommunications and Informatics of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with the participation of ministers responsible for the area or for each of the ALBA countries a “TCP, for setting policies regarding the implementation of social programs and schedule for implementation.