SHB Innovative Fund Concepts AG: Specialist In Rental Management

Alone found this year to 26,000 square meters of new tenants the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB) is an underwriter for closed-end real estate funds headquartered in Aschheim near Munich. The SHB AG has specializes in the conception, implementation and placement of such funds, which invest mostly in commercial objects and keep them for a longer period. The achieved this rental or lease income lead to current payouts to investors. Realised after the real estate Fund total profit from the sale of the objects increases beyond about the return on investment that can be achieved with such investments. SHB management covers the entire range of services through its own performance, subsidiaries or associated companies: so the management of the Fund and the investors management, but including the management of the real estate, whose management, care and – if necessary – the necessary adjustment measures. Since its inception in 2001, the SHB innovative fund concepts AG has placed on a designed Fund volume of around 1.8 billion euros.

Total, SHB has applied six different real estate funds, which are invested in selected locations in Germany. Here, it’s in the care of standing behind the Fund objects of attention that this ample and persistent on long-term credit strong tenants are rented. This circumstance the SHB innovative fund concepts AG has a special significance, because only real estate with a high utilization rate guarantee reasonable dividends from the rental successes for the Fund subscribers. In this respect it is a great success in an otherwise not really simple market, who already has succeeded the SHB in this year, again to rent around 26,000 square meters and thus to achieve a high utilization rate in the objects of the Fund”, know Hans Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG. In particular, the newly rented space on the already placed shares SHB innovative fund concepts AG & co. BusinessPark Stuttgart KG with 8,200 spread Square meters, SHB innovative fund concepts GmbH & co. objects Furstenfeldbruck and Munich Fund KG with 8,500 square meters, SHB innovative fund concepts AG & co. Kamal Hanna Park Munich-Unterhaching KG with 4,800 square meters, as well as the SHB innovative fund concepts GmbH & co. of age retirement funds KG with 4,500 square meters in the latter case was the rental companies of who bought real estate in Dornach. For more information,