Profile Pipes

Shaped tubes are called such pipes, in which the inner section is different from the round or the outer surface is different from the cylindrical shape. Forms of modern metal shaped tubes, as well as their types, and place of extraordinarily diverse. The reason for this is that these tubes are compared with conventional tubes, a large mechanical strength. Therefore, while keeping them the same strength performance, achieved significant weight loss (25-35%) relative to the circular. More convenient, the assembly of different designs, shape, and the best design, also make use of profile pipes preferable Compared with the traditional. Metallic shaped tubes of rectangular and square cross section, commonly used for manufacturing parts having the shape of plane frames, as well as where required increased time resistance in simple bending, which is very often required in load-bearing structures.

Such use of metal shaped tube of square cross section is justified because it has a moment of resistance to the flat bending is 30 percent higher than equal to her weight round pipe. Application of solid shaped tube as a framework, in the manufacture of shutters on the windows or doors to the garage several times to increase their strength and resistance to mechanical deformations. Of metal shaped tubes collect different floors, trusses, light metal, stairs, handrails, halls, commercial equipment. If a flat curve is attached to only one sides of the metal square tube profile, you can use instead of a square tube of rectangular cross section. This will allow even up to 10% reduction in the total structural weight, while maintaining the same strength characteristics. Depending on where and how to use shaped tubes, dependent and its size. For example, in the automotive industry widely uses square profiles with parties from 25 to 100 mm and the wall thickness from 3 to 8 mm, as well as rectangular, ranging in size from 40x25x3, 100x50x7 mm up. If the pipes are designed to operate at an elevated internal pressure, then increasing the thickness of their walls.

Such thick-walled pipes This applies for example in heat exchangers and reservoirs of steam boilers. In recent years an increasingly clear trend to the use of metal shaped pipes in the building. They are used almost everywhere – in the reinforcement of plastic windows in the construction of supporting structures, and even as an ornamental or decorative items. Almost everywhere where there are higher demands for quality and durability, you can see the metal shaped tubes.