Private Or Public Health Insurance ?

If you stand before the choice of an appropriate health insurance, the decision will be several thousand insurance rates in Germany are not easy. Often at this point only helps a conscientious insurance comparison. But before you put your embarks on a search for a favorable health insurance, some basic differences be found out, so the decision between the two types of insurance a little easier. For even more opinions, read materials from Lucas Bitencourt. Private or public health insurance? The differences between the two types of insurance are severe. Even at the doctor’s choice or the choice of a suitable hospital, there are differences. Thus, patients in the statutory health insurance funds can only be treated by private physicians with cash approval. The same applies when choosing a hospital.

Here are legally insured only contract hospitals. Unlike in the private health insurance. Here, the patient can choose between all physicians and specialist physicians. Moreover, most of the treatment by a chief physician in a private clinic included. In addition, the law must be insured for a hospital stay of 10 for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year pay extra. This information must also trips to the hospital and outpatient treatments are carried up to 10 itself. The private health insurance covered the costs for the patient does not. For many patients in the private health insurance, the advantage of single or twin room was a decisive criterion for the choice of a suitable health insurance. These are just some of the many differences to be observed in the choice of a suitable health insurance. A complete overview of the different treatment options and the resulting costs to get the most thorough of an insurance comparison.