Play Techniques

attack technique: The main attack techniques that need any player, in addition to expertise avoiding or controlling the ball, are passing and shooting. Passes to the peers include front passes, passes just behind the back passes jumping and bouncing the ball passes, a pass that leads to a basket called assistance. The most important skill in basketball is to shoot baskets with precision. Among the types of modern basketball shots are the left or tray, which is as close as possible to the ball to the basket and allowed to enter, the jump shot, which misses being in possession of the ball and the moment in which the player is suspended in the air, throws to the basket, the hook, archery driven over the head with one arm, usually in the lateral path, when the player is leaving the basket area and finally the mate, in which the shooter jumps by raising the ball over the basket and violently inserted using one or two hands. The shot from a fixed position or with the player stopped, so popular when the game was slower, it is very rare in modern basketball. The lack shots are launched from the free throw line. Rebounding means winning the possession of the ball that is bounced from the board when a shot went wrong. Pat is also in the basket after a previous failure. A pressing defense along the entire track on the players they have to pull and move, preventing the fluid movement of the ball and makes the annotation to the contrary. It is also essential in basketball block or screen, in which a player stands still (holds a lock), so that prevents movement of a defensive player and leaves space for a teammate to throw into the basket. Common speech, a strategy of attack patterns can count deliberate attack or let out in a more impromptu style of play. In any case, the goal is to invade the pitch counter and strive to shoot baskets from the most comfortable position or pass to a teammate who has best chance to score. TACTICS OF DEFENZA: The main defensive tactics are basketball zone defense and individual defense. In the zone defense, each player is responsible for defending an area of the track around the basket where he tries to shoot the opposing team. In man defense, each player is responsible for marking an opponent. The zone defense is not allowed in the NBA but still an important part of basketball. Individual defensive techniques include the ability to block shots without fouling (plug), intercepting passes and stealing balls. Remove the ball to the opposing team during the game is called turnover (recovery). The so-called ‘two against one’ is when two players control a potentially dangerous opponent. At other times, a whole team pushes the other, making a very outspoken in labeling the entire track. A technique vital to both defense and attack for the rebound, that retains the possession of the ball under the basket after a crash in one shot.