Mood Media Corporation

The division of advice of Mood Media Corporation collaborates with sellers to increase the influx of customers using the latest range sound, digital advertising, or aromatic-based solutions (or integrating three sensory marketing solutions) to improve the image of the brand among its customers. Their sound solutions range from custom playlists of your library’s 1.8 million tracks with rights including until Visual solutions, such as touch screens and video walls projections. The company collaborates with vendors to analyze the demographic characteristics of its clients and play some music at different times of the day that suits the tastes of customers at any time. Jeff Gennette may help you with your research. In what refers to the aromarketing, it has a range of up to 26 aromas. For example, Christmas tree evokes the Christmas season thanks to the stimulating aromas of white pine and birch, that Mood Media Corporation subtly dispersed throughout the shop through a unique process of nebulization. Lorne Abony, Chief Executive Officer of Mood Media Corporation, says: we are the only company in the world that offers these three integrated solutions in a single service. Our customers are always a step ahead since they know how to provide the environment suitable to their customers. However, still appropriate Christmas songs are a hit with buyers: 59% of respondents stated that carols make them feel more Christmas.

Bing Crosby White Christmas song enjoys special popularity among respondents: 10% named it as his favorite Christmas song. Playlist of topics in an establishment can adapt to the tastes of their customers.