How To Conduct Tender Building Construction ?

In a recent increase in the number of transactions conducted through the Internet. This also applies to the construction industry, more and more electronic catalogs of building materials and services, as well as sources exchange and information retrieval. The Internet allows customers to carry out building tenders on various subjects. StroyPortal number 1 – one of the most suitable sites for construction of the tender submission in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Area. On this site there are two options for the construction tender, with a free service.

Tender for the request (the first version of the publication) – is accommodation of the tender, in which you trying to post the most accurate information that does not require explanation (specification, etc.). Under this option, the client publishes a volume of works, supply, delivery address, facilities and well-articulated those. task. For tenders, interest them, the contractors must apply, having carefully studied all the information provided by the customer. Submitting a bid, the contractor is able to find contact information for the customer, to find out results of a review application filed. After filing an application for participation in the tender by the contractor, the customer in his private office decides to accept it or reject it. This method is intended to facilitate the placement of tender.

Customer is required to multiply and disseminate information on its tender, the contractor and gets rid of the frequent contact, which saves time and money to both parties. Particular attention should be customer given requirements specification, since this method of placing him on the success of tenders. There are times when to determine the value of works, additional measures and one familiarize the contractor with technical requirements is not enough. In such cases, the customer uses the manner in which 'the tender notice', because for the first case the conditions are not met. In this case, the total published information about the tender with its primary characteristics and conditions and contact information of the customer's tender, responsible for the tender. To obtain the necessary documents and information, interested in this bidding contractor has the ability to communicate with the customer. To tender for one of the ways you need to go to the "building tenders" and click on the link "to launch a tender." Following the link, you will enter the tender, which should fully and accurately fill in the information input. This will determine the success of the tender. With both methods of accommodation you can publish necessary requirements for the contractor, his qualifications, experience of work in order to finance, etc. Responses contractors – that is what is necessary to wait after carrying out the action!