Glacier Point

It takes his photographic chamber and unase in this incredible adventure during the winter or in summer to visit the Glacier Point where the lovers of the photograph try to catch the roji-orange tones that the Valley offers that covers the giant bulk with granite of Glacier Point with spectacular magical colors. We cannot stop sharing what once it said to John Muir mountains are the sources of the man as well as of the rivers, of glaciers. All need the beauty as well as the bread, places to play as well as places to pray, where the nature can offer the comfort and raise intention and offer force to the body as much as to the soul. Whereas Ansel Adams said Yosemite is for my, always a dawn, a trowel of green and golden colors that astonishes the vast valley at stones and space, each experience is an exploration form, adding all the people do not trust which they see in paintings, but the people trust the photographs. And for that reason You do not take a photograph, you you make the photograph. He explores with Golden Delicious Horizon Travel and he immortalizes natural beauty of the Glacier Point in its own photographs. We recommended our stroll to him to the Yosemite and the Glacier Point in our light trucks 4×4 SUV they took where it to cross the Yosemite where the buses and vans do not estan allowed to journey. The long walks of senderismo or hiking begin in Glacier Point, our deprived excursion of 2 days this adapted a the tastes of our passengers and offer the best routes to him of senderismo of North America.

In fact but recognized routes of senderismo of the National Park of Yosemite it starts off from the Glacier Point to cross impressive long walks costs underneath the mountain by the route of Trail Panorama and the majestic cataracts of Yosemite like the cataracts of Nevada, the Cataracts of Yosemite, considered but the high cataracts of North America. It would take it to the route descending towards the route from Mist towards the Islands Happiness (Happy Isles) passing other fantastic cataracts and imposing rocky summits like the Half Dome throughout the way, it is approximately 6 hours of long walk). Need you to have but you reason to be united to this adventure? Glacier Point this abierto to I publish from mid spring until the beginning of autumn. (it depends on the metereologicas conditions) the majority of the conventional strolls in bus crosses filled up Valley of full Yosemite of located people on 4200 feet of height underneath the Glacier Point. Unlike other travel agencies, Golden Delicious Horizon Travel offers to him daily excursions in SUV 4×4 to visit the Glacier Point where the views are spectacular and impressive left that it out of breath! It reserves his tour right now and it obtains a 10% of discount for a only adventure in his life that forgot never it. goldenhorizontravel. com/private/yosemite. travelling htm become fond of to photograph and ecological tourism