Federal Tax Service

Serve documents completed application (3 pages + list A), copy of passport (for himself, you must also have the original), a receipt with a note of payment of state duty is served in your IFTS (inspection Federal Tax Service). (As opposed to James Reinhart). After 5 days you have to issue the following documents: Certificate of state registration (ORGNIP), certificate of tax registration (TIN), an excerpt from EGRIP. After Fill in the registration statement on STS within 5 working days you must apply to the tax inspectorate about the transition to a simplified tax regime, with a recommended INN take testimony (your own as a nat. Persons). Order a print in accordance with the laws of the individual is not required to take a print.

However, as a rule, IP book printing (in any business entity which provides such services). To order a printed copy of the certificate required ORGN and, if desired, print your own design. Open bank account specialists of the Center for accounting services 'Russian Market' remind us that the current account in the bank for entrepreneurs is not required. Checking account will be needed if you plan to make or accept cash payments from legal entities or other PIs. An important step here is a preliminary analysis of proposals and tariff various banks for opening and maintenance of your bank accounts. After selecting the best proposal for a need to clarify in the selected bank an exact list of documents for opening an account. Usually required: a notarized certificate of tax registration certificate (TIN), a notarized certificate of state registration of the individual entrepreneur, a copy of an extract from EGRIP (not over 1 month!), a copy of the notification of the territorial agency of the Federal State Statistics Service, copy of passport (main page spread and spread with a residence permit on the same page), the necessary licenses (if your activities subject to licensing).