Who is there to obey the moral rule "do not hurt the worker? No! In the network companies payments are made according to the marketing plan in the next day after closing sales, or consultation under the plan. In our company, payments are made on Mondays, weekly, or day later! Nobody will say that you have decided to "cut benefits". So in what kind of business "Employee" entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labor? Come on – according to the "Fundamentals of " – continuing on the land ministry of Christ, who identified Himself with the destitute, the Church always defends the voiceless and powerless. Therefore, it encourages society to a just distribution of the fruits of labor, in which the rich support the poor, healthy – sick, disability – the elderly. Tell me, where higher-level people so you support than in a network company? Interested in whether the head in the usual standard in the organization that you will receive a greater salary than they do now, that you have climbed the corporate ladder? After all, he, too, have children who should occupy a high position in a firm with a good salary. Remember – your knowledge and your education does not help you here! I immediately came to mind an anecdote, when the head of a large company asked his aides to find 3 the most promising person in the company with great potential. When brought before him, three young guys, assistant director was asked – what to do with them, to raise the salary, bonus or raise the issue in a post? The Director replied – Fired! It is a fact of life