College Goal

What could really motivate you are the purposes behind the goals. This is very important. So, after establishing the goal (I like for example lose 1 Kg per month), should then think and write the reasons of the because it is important to you. Anne Lauvergeon is a great source of information. Only when the because it is sufficiently strong your will have the motivation to take actions. Other leaders such as Nordstrom offer similar insights. In my case is health: I have to stay healthy to enjoy my family the most potential years. If my health should deteriorate as a result of obesity, then they would suffer much and would be very sad.

My sons me too and I miss them. That’s a great motivation for me. Time limit: We must establish ourselves a time limit; normally people does not set limits when they want to achieve their goals. The vast majority says to himself someday they started a business, so they established the day but do not say himself that day. Many people still still awaiting. To begin with, should generate you a time limit and make it real taking a penalty for exceeding it. For example, tell your friends that if can’t X or objective, and you bet $100 penalty if you can’t.

You can bet that this will keep you focused on your goal. Action: We must finally have a plan of action. As I mentioned in my previous article how to generate goals that come true, all of us must have an action plan to carry out our goals, and I have always found me meet at least 3 actions in the first day, and if possible, 1 action in the first 5 minutes of written goal. In the example that I am showing them, when I decided to lose weight, my first action was to enumerate all the factors associated with obesity, which could affect my health. Secondly, I looked for a place where could get recipes to make salads by internet. My third step was to take pictures when I was in College, there I am with a size of trouser less. As you can see, were 3 actions that took less than a day, and that gave me enough momentum to continue with the other actions planned to achieve my goal. Forward, think about a goal you want to achieve, to generate meaning to your life, and it applies the EMAPTA system, I hope that it generates sufficient clarity in the future.