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In more recent times, the research has confirmed this traditional wisdom. There are now many published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs to support the normal operation of the stomach and the digestive system to increase appetite. These natural remedies can be used effectively to promote safety with a healthy appetite, a routine absorption of nutrients and a balance systemic in the stomach and the digestive system, without harmful side effects. Together with a form of healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition, this natural support to the body of a child, helps support growth through nutritious products. The vital organs in the body which are instrumental in the regulation of appetite, metabolism and energy expenditure need to operate in harmony systemic correctly. Emblica officinalis (Amalaki) has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine and is traditionally known as a powerful rejuvenating herb.

Amalaki fruit has the reputation of being the highest natural source of vitamin C in the! nature!. Amalaki has been shown to help the body in its healthy function of metabolic synthesis of protein, digestion and blood cell production. Due to their high levels of vitamin C, Amalaki is also a powerful natural antioxidant. It has been shown the help to maintain healthy digestive processes. Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) has been an important herb in the Ayurvedic and indigenous medical systems for over 3000 years and contains the saponins, alkaloids and steroidal lactones. Also called Indian ginseng and is one of the most important tonic herbs in Ayurvedic, recommended to support growth, promoting energy and encouraging the stamina.

Regular use can also help to promote healthy levels of hemoglobin. Withania is also an excellent tonic of humor with features that soothe. When combined with the ginger this herb can help promote digestive harmony and comfort. This herb is anabolic in nature and in addition to being a general tonic, is particularly helpful in supporting the appetite. It has been shown to stimulate the immune system. Trigonella Foenum-graecum (fenugreek) has an ancient history of culinary and medicinal use. It has been used traditionally as natural appetite stimulant and recent research indicates a role in the natural production of steroids (hormones that drive the growth process). In addition, Trigonella helps support healthy digestive systems. Scutellaria Lateriflora (Skullcap) is native to North America, but is known worldwide as a tonic for the nerve that relaxes with a calming excellent, especially suitable for sensitive children effect. This has been indicated in recent studies. Zingiber Officinalis (ginger) rhizomes (underground stem) and stems of ginger have been used in ancient India since the 1500s, China and Japanese medicine. It has been documented that the ancient Greeks enveloped ginger bread and ate after meals as a digestive aid. Recent studies have shown that ginger can be beneficial in calming the stomach and support digestion. Borago officinalis (Borage) has a long history of use as a general tonic to the digestive system. Borage contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid that the body converts to a hormone – like prostaglandin called substance E1 (PGE1), which plays an important role in nutrition. Engineer by profession but with a great interest in health issues and alternative medicine. I think that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I publish a blog with these issues because I am sure that an informed person is potentially a person more happy and healthy.


Where am I? (Published on 11-09-04 in Journal of Burgos and other Spanish newspapers) I don’t know if the same thing happens to you, but I am raising episodically hypothesis is unraveling this we call Spain. The last time, now, with the disappearance of the flag Spanish in many Catalan town halls on the occasion of the dyad. It is only a mere intellectual exercise, do not panic. Even so, that theoretical game continues to be disturbing: does a which cacho, to which modest resulting mosaic tessera would one belonging, of having to choose? The question is not trivial. One, like so many other compatriots, has criss-crossed and complex roots. I was born in the Basque country, where I grew up, trained and had the frustration of first love failure.

But my parents and all my ancestors for several generations are gallegos. I lived twenty years in Catalonia, where are my children. But my wife, on the other hand, Castilian-Leonese. And now the two live happy in the community Valencian… This, which is normal, I say, and so many biographies of our fellow citizens, would become a real mess when it comes to having to choose historical subnacionalidad or not if one saw forced to do so. That, in the doubtful case that should give him opportunity to choose, that this is another. Rather than put me in such trouble and inevitably leave frustrated part of my personality, would prefer to make me American.

Not for anything in particular but one admire his way to that country, but because it always seems better be lion head of mouse’s tail. But clear, with the bad image that have the Yankees among us, it seems a very popular option. Therefore, I have decided to finally make me minion of Kiribati, an atoll in the Pacific that has only a single newspaper and whose population is less than that of Burgos.

Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect and the atmosphere; how it works the carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere?. The greenhouse effect is produced by large concentrations of carbon dioxico, this gas is located in the burning of cars, in Jamaica, in the steam engine. The Earth’s atmosphere is all there is between us and the space. This is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases like the carbon dioxide (which is poisonous). The atmosphere protects us from the harmful rays of the Sun during the day and at night retains heat. Much of short wave solar radiation passes through the atmosphere and another part is absorbed by the Earth and the sea.

These infrared rays are assimilated by water vapor and carbon dioxico; and becomes part of this heat to radiate to the surface. Carbon dioxide traps heat as if it were the glass of a greenhouse. In theory a greater amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, higher would be the number of heat, causing the Earth’s atmosphere increases, causing major climate disorders such as the thaws. This gas is located in the exhalation of all living beings, in vegetables, in the burning of cars, in Jamaica, in the steam engine. The indiscriminate felling of forests, reduces the amount of plant tissue; who is responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide, for photosynthesis (formation of organic products, sugars); endangering the global temperature increase, bringing the melting of the polar regions and the increase in the level of the seas as a main result. The so-called greenhouse effect is postulated for the first time in 1861.

Since then the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen from about 270 parts per million to 350. If we continue with the indiscriminate felling of forests, enough plant tissue to absorb there is no dioxico of carbon; in theory the consequences would be dire for the increase of the temperature of the Earth, causing the thaws. Global warming is now a reality. It is estimated that in the year 2065, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, will be a global increase in temperature on the order of 3 degrees centigrade. If you like here and now to find articles of quality for your personal and spiritual development.