Engine Braking Development

Those who drives a car knows: engine braking – the surest way to slow down. Brakes may fail, but the engine, downshifting, gives a reliable and controlled deceleration. The most reliable way to inhibit the development of any organization is exactly the same. What is the engine of the company? Her leadership. General or ceo, president (all this in different ways is called) and the first closure.

Fuel for the work are the dreams and ideas of a man who puts the goal. Typically, this is the founder of a company or a person close to him. Have you noticed this phenomenon. In the early business development speed and acceleration were very high. The Company is rapidly increasing momentum, albeit on a small level (as someone once on "Krupnyakov). And then, after some time, the speed is reduced, reduced, reduced there are such sentiment: "And let's not lit," We have found their niche and it is sufficient – the bread and butter enough, and the like. Turnovers down. Sometimes so much so that the work is minimized.

What I write, of course, does not is associated with you, the reader. I write about other people and companies that you can watch I hope you does not happen ever. What happened? We call it the "engine braking". Owners themselves artificially restricted development of an enterprise, or it did wage high-level guidance. I want to tell the secret that lies behind it. Frankly, that from my point of view of entrepreneurs, business owners and top managers (Including political figures who are really doing something useful for your company) – one of the most valuable people on the planet.


Flattery is like the shadow; does not make us bigger or more small. He says, that knowledge management is the management of intangible assets that generate value for the organization. The majority of these intangibles have to do with processes of one way or another related to the acquisition, structuring and transmission of knowledge. Therefore, the knowledge management has its main tool in organizational learning. The knowledge management is a dynamic or flow concept.

The fact that is no surprise that frequently read and hear that we are in the society of the knowledge., as asserts Pablo Pena Vendrell, stated in his article the knowledge society and learning organizations (www.gestiondelconocimiento.com) is frequently transmitted a message that does not communicate with clarity the difference between implying be in this society of what supposed to be in the information society. And sometimes, the lack of clarity, can induce to think that we are before a semantic difference due to a change in fashion. In view to Pena Vendrell, be in the information society, repeated ad nauseam on numerous occasions, term implies the free or at least mass access to information thanks above all to the advancement of technologies (radio, press, TV, Internet, etc.) and therefore, in a society in which the availability of the media or communication technologies is the factor key predominant. Definitely be in the society of knowledge supposed to give paramount importance to knowledge and the experiences of people as key factor of the economy. It is very significant to consider when indicated, that people, their knowledge, have always been important, but the significance that in the past has been given to the possession of the lands, the ability to perform manual labor and capital have delegated to a background of knowledge. He says in an analysis on this topic, within a workshop of the Chair of management topics, one participant, that many organizations have long, before the acceptance of the term knowledge society, stating that people are their most important asset.

Organizational Management

The organization can be viewed similarly to a system of government, including their management, work is as important as recognize, represent and articulate the various forces participating in it. The management function of an organization, understood as a living space where decisions of strategy, allocate resources, are facing crises and managed human resources, priority should be seen as agreement or consensus to respect the rights of its members and meet social responsibility of the entity in context. In this context of relationship should be taken into account subjective aspects of social processes, among them the motivation and satisfaction of its members. A viable structural system should establish plans, provide services or develop products and meet the demands of its component groups. On this last point, management must understand that the practice of good communication brings to the organization of the intentions of the plane and put it on the scale of achievements. To do this, it must have the ability to articulate and lead the team work and to coordinate efforts to develop a shared project. Specifically, we expressed Rodriguez, management has to be very clear that coexist in the same organization is interacting areas and processes that are generally different, although they may be aimed at achieving the same end product or goal.

In the same organization, therefore, coexist different worlds: a world that thinks on the basis of economic performance, productivity and process efficiency, the other social and personal relationships, where are similarities and differences, and a third communications messages and everything is conducted in an orderly and satisfactory. Do not ever neglecting internal communication, encompassing all acts of communication that occur within an organization. This communication concerns all components from the overall direction and management, through pictures, managers and employees. It aims to inform their internal audiences of what the organization does and achieving a positive climate of involvement and integration of people, increase motivation and therefore productivity. All this to achieve maximum optimization of resources, making the projects more efficiently and cheaply as possible. We feel very positive that this vigilant management of how this implementing their communication, as the results are being generated, if any that are not achieving, is to pass the necessary corrections, if the communication because it