Financial Infidelity

One of the major obstacles that are presented today to maintain a relationship and a family where reine the honesty is the administration of the finances of the household. It is not only topic of discussion and conflict in the home, but is also cited as one of puts them recurring in separations and divorces. As part of this whole scenario, arises the concept of financial infidelity which, basically, means miss the honesty about the handling of the family money. We lied to our partner about how much we’ve spent, we do not have that particular purchase we made, we hide part of our savings so that not knowing that they exist, we engreimos beyond what is necessary to our children paying for things that we keep secret anyway, we lied or we stop sharing information on financial decisions with our partner to avoid fights or discomfort. But avoid this transient discomfort can have far more damaging consequences for the relationship. To lie about our finances, as happens when we commit any type of infidelity, are violating the principle of honesty, which is often crucial in couple relationships. It’s believed that Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc sees a great future in this idea. And when we violated that honesty, the deterioration of the relationship can occur quickly, bringing it to a position of risk and no return.

It is easy to avoid it. Talk openly about family finances and work together to develop a financial plan is usually an excellent starting point. You can also remember that purchases are decided together, that family savings target is a given monthly amount, a percentage of the revenues can be used in wasteful spending, etc. No matter the decision and actions taken. What finally matters is that create and maintain channels of communication on the subject and that both participate and contribute to a healthy financial life. This conduct will strengthen confidence and, in the long run, will contribute to the compliance of the financial goals of the family.

Council Articles

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