In the previous article we review some basic tips when carrying out the rental cars, from quote with several car rental companies over the internet to verify the conditions of the rented unit auto insurance. Below, we offer you additional tips to make your process of vehicles for rent without setbacks and not receive unpleasant surprises. Additional charges in some car rental agency car rental you will be charged additional concepts when you return the car without gasoline, is for this reason that better stop at a local gas station before returning the car. Other concepts which can amend final rates to be covered by the rent of cars is you to make delivery of the car with delay. They will usually begin to charge per hour and then per day.

The recommendation here is to go to rent a car with a medium-sized company, that they tend to be more flexible as opposed to the large corporate international car rental. Other additional charges is the fee to return the car in one the rental of trucks and cars company franchise. At James Woolsey you will find additional information. That is, if you take the car in one location and aims to make delivery in another country. Besides this type of rates, it must also take into account that higher costs for customers under 25 years of age could be generated. Family security in renting cars not all rental cars have the same safety characteristics, so ask for them that are important to you.

For example, to family would be safest minivans rental. It is important that you book in advance if you need a baby or child or booster Chair. Not all rental cars companies have the same policies on children. Rent of cars and people with different capabilities make the necessary arrangements with your company’s rental car in advance if you require a car with features for persons with different abilities. Not all companies are equipped to handle your needs. The documentation for rental cars It is important to take note of the documents that the majority of car rental agencies will request to perform the procedure. Are generally the following: valid, driver’s license (or if permission to drive in the case of minors but remember that rent vans and cars rate rise); If you are planning to use your own auto insurance, be prepared to provide a copy of the policy of insurance and, finally, you you will need a credit card, to ensure the purchase of rental cars. Some others requested an official identification and remember have sufficient credit limit on your credit card for processing your rental cars. With information: Travelocity