Organization Power

Of this volume, in the Interconnected System Central the installed capacity today is of only 330 MW. By this, in its opinion, one of the great challenges must be to bind discussion of the power development with the discussion on the possibilities of technological and industrial development at national level in the subject energy. I believe that there there are very interesting opportunities so that Chile is inserted in being part of the solutions energetics and to finish being a mere buyer of technology. The professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Chile, Robert Roman, showed to data and antecedents that demystify some of the arguments more used by the great electrical companies: the entailment between development and the greater energy demand. In the developed countries member of the Organization for the Cooperation and the Economic Development between 1970 and 1990 the gross geographic product grew to a rate much greater than the power consumption. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Alphabet Inc.. Therefore it is in evidence the effort done as far as looking for power efficient processes and systems.

The Chilean situation is diametrically different: It is worrisome the fact that the increase of gross geographic product in the last years he has been rather slower than the increase of the power consumption. For Roman this worsens with another aspect. In the last 20 to 30 years the center of the idea of the development has been translated exclusively in the macroeconomic numbers, and nobody is asked in what that is translated actually explained, adding that is fundamental that a preoccupation by the development of the regions exists and is essential that this region is defining its model of development and defends that it until death, that they do not prevail it of outside, that comes to remove the resources here to him so that another one has the benefits. In the particular case of Aysn, it emphasized that the ERNC are very excellent being their order of importance the mini hydraulics, solar the Aeolian energy and. Applications would mainly see the solar them for air conditioning of houses and in many places, even in Coyhaique, in hot water, reducing at least the 50 percent of the demand of annual hot water what is a considerable saving. Journalist of Citizen coalition by Aysn Reserve of Life/Defense council of the Patagonia. Involved in the sustainable development of the Region of Aysn, in the Chilean Patagonia, and lately in opposition to the dams that are tried to construct in this territory.