Eyewear Trends 2013: Retro Stop

Versions are elegant, graceful and light. Pattern mix brings excitement. Berlin, 25.01.2013 (PCP). Retro has exceeded the Zenit. The glasses are modern and clearly a quiet. Bright tones and pastels are gaining importance. Visit James Woolsey for more clarity on the issue.

Large glasses have a rejuvenating effect and provide good visual comfort. Pattern and structure mix shape fronts and temples, to see from 25th January at the largest German optics fair “op 2013? in Munich. Elegant versions after all trendy for many years, what kinda looked like Grandma and Grandpa, now modern currents take ride. “The new glasses are of contemporary elegance. Tinier and lighter than the compact retro classic they emphasize a clean, sophisticated look”, so Kerstin Kruschinski of the Board of Trustees of good vision.

“The large glasses act like optical fountain and leave plenty of room the eyes”, the glasses expert says. A positive side effect: increases visual comfort, because the frame outside of the field of view and can accommodate progressive lenses with large zones of seeing. Color reassurance it will after a period of intense colors and harsh contrasts softer and quieter. The new pastels not put in scene, but allow the eyes. Warm and cool Brown in nougat and spices – is becoming increasingly important. Also black and white is always more important, shifts whether in solid, or patterns. Patch-power no collection seems to do more without patterns and structures. While the designers draw self-indulgent textile, technical, ornamental, and natural sources. In addition, patch brings excitement. “Surfaces, materials, patterns and colors are combined exciting fronts and temples. Impact floral breakthrough pattern sometimes as easily as tip”, Karmakar. About 93 percent of the sunglasses are now sold with plastic glasses of the new generation. The 40 million German BrillentragerInnen ensure that also the big versions bring only a small weight on the nose. In the image archive of corrective spectacles trends find another image material.