Wichita Chamber

In those first few months lihoradochnye after publikatsii books, kogda sozdavalis dianeticheskie centers, made by L. Ron Xabbard lecture tour: snachala – Los Andzheles, where no special predvaritelnoy reklamy 6000 people in sobralis zale-Shrayn Auditors to privetstvovat it zatem – nA coast zaliva San-Frantsisko, where he delivered a series of lectures in Auckland. Back in Los Andzheles, L. Ron Xabbard continued chitat obuchat lectures and students. Students vozvraschalis to their home goroda to oditirovat friends, family and colleagues and the news of Dianetike prodolzhala rasprostranyatsya. L. Ron Xabbard spent the spring of 1951 Year period in Gavane (stolitsa Cuba – which has not yet been togda communist rezhima), where he especially did not advertise themselves that dalo him to his zavershit another large rabotu on Dianetike – the book "Nauka vyzhivaniya." After that he accepted the offer and continue their issledovaniya prepodavatelskuyu activity in the open nedavno dianeticheskom center in Vichita (shtat Kanzas). Here L.

Ron Xabbard osnoval first organizatsiyu, upravlenie which he completely took nA themselves – Xabbard College. Eta organizatsiya osuschestvlyala training auditors under the personal direction of A. Rona Xabbarda and sertifikaty this oditoram vydavalis only togda, kogda they could prodemonstrirovat nalichie dostatochnyh navykov oditinga and ability dostigat ozhidaemyh rezultatov. To the extent that the news of kak rasprostranyalas vozvraschenii Rona L. Xabbarda the United Shtaty, and the number of students grew, and in June 1951 Year period lead auditors from all over the strany sobralis in Wichita nA first annual conference dianeticheskih auditors.

Since then continues Xabbard chitat lectures, training auditors and monitors at the same time a number of reports in delaet Wichita Chamber of Commerce – that kak its findings could be used to expand the organization's activities. Continuing their issledovaniya autumn and early winter 1951 Year period, L. Ron Xabbard asked auditors to examine dianeticheskih new subject – a subject that brought them right into the spirit tsarstvo – Scientology. In early spring 1952 Year period about 15 000 people used the principles of Scientology to improve their lives. In 1993, Dianetics become available Russian reader. What is interesting, but there is evidence of that in the days of the Soviet Union were individuals and groups that are independently translated the book and used it to improve their abilities. Such group existed in St. Petersburg as early as 1987. So after the book was sold in different cities across the country appeared a group of people who studied this discipline. Subsequently, many of these groups received the status of centers Dianetics, as separate legal entities. Now in the CIS are about 70 such organizations. Anyone who is interested in their personal development, can come in and take advantage of such an organization available publications and materials.