Natural Mechanism

All we know that the sweat is a natural mechanism that the body uses to lower the temperature when long ago heat or we are making gymnastics. Amit paley may help you with your research. Nevertheless, the bad scent, the humid and sticky sensation that causes is annoyances that all we wished to avoid. Luckily many practical advice exist, very useful, on how avoiding the perspiration, which we presented/displayed to you next. In order to avoid perspiration, first he is to wash the sweatiest zones well, with abundant water and soap. Thus the bacteria eliminate themselves that have grown on the skin thanks to the accumulation of sweat, and which they are the causes of the bad scent.

Then, to dry the skin well. If you leave humidity, will return to grow the fungi and the bacteria. Next you can apply some products that help to diminish the sweat excretion. Some homemade remedies for this aim can be: vinegar, lemon juice, bicarbonate, boric acid, perfumed talc, etc. But one of the best advice exceed how to avoid perspiration it is to apply antitranspirants with hydrochlorate of aluminum, that is a very efficient substance to diminish the sweat. Specific products for each part of the body exist: armpits, face, feet, etc. the ideal is that higienices the zones of greater perspiration several times to the day, returning to apply to the product antitranspirant of your preference. This point is very important to manage to reduce the sweat.

He is always advisable to use articles of cotton instead of synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. The natural cotton and fibers allow to the air circulation on the skin, evaporating the sweat and preventing that this one is accumulated. If you follow these advice and not yet you can control excessive perspiration, you must consult with your doctor, because it could have some pathology that the excess of sweat was causing, like hipertiroidismo, infections, etc. Exist natural remedies for the excessive sweat. Thus it is, you can fight your excessive perspiration using very simple remedies that you can prepare in house. If you want to eliminate your then hiperhidrosis I suggest to you you click here to read my better recommendations for the excessive sweat.