Damaso Alonso

DMASO ALONSO (1898-1990) Juan de la Cruz feels itching of God, aesthetic fury to Gongora unaccountability, Lope fatiguing life and life sings: three of our burning blood frenzy. Damaso Alonso. THE voice of the master essential poet rootless and academic in good faith, Supreme linguist and somewhat poorly spoken, calm science researcher, naive reader. Damaso Alonso is done well patent the being of man and his contradiction, according to that so expensive couplet Ortega: I am not a book have a reflection, / I’m a man with my contradiction. There is hardly literary critic of today not assigned by Damaso Alonso having initiated the rebirth of realist poetry in Spain with the publication of his book children of wrath, in 1944. However, the great contribution of our poet to the poetic language has nothing to do with realism as such. Reality, Yes, but realism, not.

There is much difference between the two concepts. And, nobody stops however, consider that Damaso Alonso is the great innovator in the field of poetic language… Damaso Alonso is the first Spanish poet that incorporates any kind of vocabulary to total poetic language in a consistent manner. The seriousness and humour, beauty and ugliness, the neatness and vulgarity, and with equal right and within it, if so agrees to poet. Damaso Alonso Fernandez of the round was born in Madrid on October 22, 1898. Being therefore real generation that was born in 98: Garcia Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre, Concha Mendez, Chabas, Domenchina, Arconada, Diaz Fernandez, Victoria Kent, Zubiri, and Rosa Chacel.

Poet, philologist, essayist, literary critic and theorist of literature. Pupil of the Jesuits of Chamartin and the agustinos of El Escorial. Degree in law and a doctorate in philosophy and letters. It has been reader in Spanish at the universities of Berlin and Cambridge. Professor at Oxford, Leipzig, Yale, Harvard, San Juan de Puerto Rico.