With The Own Choice Of Words In The Off Shot

How managed the Mayor of Duisburg to the love parade disaster, to mobilize the people against themselves? It depends on not only what they say. It is more important how you said. claimed the vernacular. Barack Obama has made us out during the election campaign for the US Presidency that the correct words are decisive for the personal success. After the terrible disaster at the love parade in Duisburg, various politicians to Word reported partly with devastating effect. Each statement is subject to a mostly unconscious process in the brain of the recipient. In addition to the comparison with own experiences and experiences, the audience the question arises: what’s that got to do? “.” Until this question is answered satisfactorily, a benevolent and generally positive attitude to the call partner adjusts itself. In its opinion of August 2, 2010, the Duisburg Mayor Adolf Sauerland formulated especially sender-oriented.

“” “This means that the words I, me”, my “and drop me”above average often: this disaster is not more release me all my life. “For me it is clear: I’m my responsibility fully face – the personal as political.” Specifically, this means, Sauerland describes his own sense to 7/8 and is aimed only to 1/8 on readers, victims and survivors. Compared with the funeral oration of the Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft by July 31, 2010, the difference becomes clear: while power formulated only a third of the words from her personal perspective, she speaks the citizens with receiver-oriented messages in the middle of the heart: you set up others, she did not drop out. PayPal has similar goals. You have supported others, which lacked the strength to stand.” This who exactly it is irrelevant”is meant. You messages’ are unconsciously basically in the multi-level communication by the listener as valued personal approach. In addition, that force the sense of community within the We formulations society”supported: as Land Nordrhein-Westfalen will we need all those affected, support, fast and non-bureaucratic help.

But we also know that we can not understand your pain and not relieve.” Thus it supports the feeling, all sitting in a boat.” Comparing community and recipient-oriented formulations the sender-oriented messages, so a relationship arises from 2/3 to 1/3. The message arrived at the people. Regardless of the contents of the publications, the words of Adolf Sauerland in the citizens give a sense of selfishness and lack sensitivity. People feel not picked”and the calls are growing louder after a resignation of the Mayor. “To communicate with other people we can learn from this and future focus on the recipient-oriented style of you” set. Aware, take your listener’s perspective. So you be understood perfectly. Barack Obama knew that Yes I can”not half as much effect as Yes we can”.