Witches-Verlag Christian Shares With Subvenio E.V.

Large Spedenaktion takes on the ARD action day on May 9, 2009 Dusseldorf / Bermatingen on May 9 during the ARD theme week is but a matter of honor\”a nationwide day of action took place, offering a public presentation platform clubs and projects of civic engagement. With it, also the Dusseldorf accident victims lobby is subvenio e.V., which gets the entire station forecourt as a presentation and action area of the Deutsche Bahn available. Also the still young Publisher hex Libris Mintaka supports the victim relief organization offering generous donations: every book and every CD on May 9 in the online-shop or be sold on the Amazon dealer shop of the publishing house, go 50% of sales in the subvenio e.V., if we can be already not live on-site here because we are booked for a reading\”that we would bring us at least\”, says Birgit Rundel, Managing Director of the Bermatinger Publishing House. The program, that is the Nataly Brombach, CD subvenio e. V. has made, he may well need every penny\”, supplemented by hex Libris Mintaka and member of accident victims lobby. Also breaks the Club prepares new ways and also stands for values that need to be promoted.\”and finally we have made it our business philosophy, to help with our books as well as with concrete actions such as these\”, so Raj.

And what that help is know as the healer, wife and mother of two from well. Short info hex Libris Mintaka founded in early 2009 by naturopath/book author Birgit Rundel (GF) and copywriter/writer Nataly Brombach (CD). After the two met on the virtual online network XING, they decided a short hand to write a book together.