The Vision

A solution is needed urgently amended to identify the root cause and eliminate. The consultant focus is mostly in the finance cost optimization. Overlooked that the “numbers” are already “History”. The result is: the problem is only symptomatic solved without sustainability. Or the appearance of a company should be refreshed. An advertising agency is tasked to develop a modern corporate identity and corporate design. The focus is on visualizing the message.

Is overlooked, that each company is located in a dynamic balance and the balance the vision, uniqueness, or main message becomes visible. The result is: A corporate identity and corporate design Gets the nachahmlichem charm of interchangeability and arbitrariness. Facts: Every company is balance-oriented (systemically seen). A company will broadcast only a kind attraction and appeal, if, in the 4 factors: location, employees, customers and goods/services is a balance. A DIS balance, however, caused a prevention, such as, for example, customer loss, low “cash flow” ect.pp BALANCE and needs of primary need is the balance, or the increase in the optimal state of personal balance. At this point, it is important to understand why the balance is so important. Needs arise only from a “lack of” balance.

These needs in turn aim solely to optimal balance of physical and personal circumstances, to achieve a feeling of well-being in a sense. This is true both for the species human, as well as for companies and their services. Reaching the balance represents therefore an extremely dynamic process, since corresponds to this process with the needs of the. This dynamic is characterized by the two elements of the conservation and driving, known as the dynamic balance of drive + care. THE DRIVE + CARE BALANCE the drive and care method aims to raise the attractiveness of a company out, and these to make a sustainable, positive experience. The method to determine the dynamic balance, is by the way of “drive” and “care” allows. The care concept stands for the static, safe and preserving. Drive, however, is characterized by dynamic, fluid and active aspects. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Google. Both aspects “drive + care” are inextricably linked and complement each other. Fact: Any company, service or product, comprises aspects the two drive and care. Example: As you can see in your company, within the workforce care-(security-oriented) and drive-oriented (innovative) employees are. Even your customers are care – or drive-oriented. A vivid example of care and drive to better understand: You take for example a normal bottle of water: care is the bottle per Se; the case, the protection, security and drive is defined by the moving, flowing element. 1 suppose you want to buy a bottle of water and realize that a bottle with only 3/4 content is filled. First, what would you feel? -SOMETHING WHAT IS NOT! Probably, you would not buy this bottle (avoidance, avoidance). A prevention exists, if the drive and care component is in any balance. In the above example, the care proportion to weight, or the drive share is too low. For example, the bottle (the proportion of care) would be smaller, you would get no suspicious. Perhaps the opposite is the case: the called bottle would be less adequately designed, this otherness would rather draw attention to themselves. I.e. care and drive the balance needed to create an attention and attraction.