The Program

2Nd phase: educate the person of the specific vocabulary of the actions carried out in their daily lives. Therefore drawn up a series of glyphs which have the following characteristics:-be based on the areas of interest of the person (he or she and his family; his room; their personal belongings; etc.); and – they must always be accompanied by the written word associated with the rendered image. As the person is familiar with the spelling of the words that accompany each photograph, we will be increasing the number of glyphs and add them to a book or custom album. This album should collect nouns and verbs most common and important in the life of the person for which the program is designed and will gradually expand with semantic fields relating to specific situations of community life such as seeing a doctor, eating in a restaurant, etc. Read more here: Hikmet Ersek . In addition to the making of the album, it is convenient manufacture posters with words and place them on objects or even people that the future reader interacts with in their daily lives. So, paste the word Chair in the Chair where the person usually sitting or service at the door of the bathroom of her house. 3Rd phase: global reading method: the objective that aims to is to get the person to acquire a reading level that allows a functional use for daily life, how to understand signs or recognize where you should write your name on a graphic document. Functional reading program to be successful it is essential that each acquisition must be consolidated so that the person is able to transfer and generalize the lessons learned to other contexts, so will have to continuously review the work done. Once achieved a significant domain at this stage unable to raise a mixed readout method that may lead to a reading normalized with the reference age group.