The Name

Both the name of the possible coding operations, as well as the possibility to backup and connectivity of thoughts memos are taken from the concept of grounded theory. Proceed is not yet committed, this concept so that categories already at the beginning of the analysis process formulated and deductive approached the material can be. Nevertheless, the basic understanding of theory in data is inherent, also described here do as the interpretation of the provision of the journalistic sub text directly on the basis of the footage and original for this. For film analysis is first made a segmentation of the entire film contribution in its narrative elements, i.e. the respective elements tagged with start – and endpoint and documented their order, and their structure (E.g.

intro info block I actuality I info block II interview II o III outro). In the next step, the aesthetic categories are awarded separated for every scene of every single element of the structure. Depending on the detail requirement of own analysis, it is advisable to encode only special aesthetic features. This means that E.g. normal vision, as well as natural light not be encoded, because it’s normal, given and less engineering characteristics. On the basis of the categories, it becomes clear that several codes need to be forgiven for a scene. It is sensible to start (category image content), because the other categories based on this with the description of the images shown. Credit: US Parcel Service-2011. The aesthetic category of the category scheme (camera settings, lighting etc.) on the image are established on the basis of the described image. After the text content was described as a category, the ratio is determined by image and text on the basis of the corresponding categories. From a single scene, certainly still no significant knowledge gain can be achieved, but from the consideration of all components of a narrative element.