The Fight Against Obesity Begins In The Head informed about the reasons of overweight where comes the sudden increase in weight around the belly, and is not always easy to understand. Must watch people with metabolic disorders such as diabetes especially to their diet. Often, however, they are like the rest of the population, from a healthy diet far away. All a result is transformed living and work conditions, says Dr. Monika Toeller compared to the news portal As the population of in Germany is always thicker, but not necessarily more than earlier, eats explains Toeller at the diabetic annual Conference in Leipzig, which had the eating behavior of diabetic patients and the population as a whole on the topic. More and more Germans are overweight, is therefore not that they put more energy into, but that the distribution of nutritional values have changed massively. As Toeller further stressed in an interview with the health desk, fat occupy an increasing proportion instead of carbohydrates.

Was particularly disturbing. that the diet of most choose especially saturated fat. Food of instead of be included too little carbohydrates and thus not enough fiber. In addition, the physical activity in most jobs is very low. So far had been advised for diabetics to eat low carbs.

It does not work so the expert. The formula for success is simple: more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. That the formula not could prevail, mainly because liege that through advertising much wrong knowledge will spread, in which fruit yoghurts were equated with fruits. The fight against obesity is primarily also an enlightenment model. More information:… / how get patients the fat away..