The Electric

According to Gil (2002, p.43), the qualitative research considers that it has a dynamic relation between the real world and the citizen, that is, a indissocivel bond between the objective world and the subjectivity of the citizen that cannot be translated numbers. Still in accordance with Gil (2002, p.44), the bibliographical research is that one elaborated from material already published, consisting mainly of periodic books, articles of and currently with material disponibilizado in the Internet. Thus, for one better understanding, will be made use certain aspects in the context, as the eletrocardiograma, the main alterations finds in the ECG, the paper of the nurse during the monitorizao of the eletrocardiograma. In a general way, this study it will have as objective to transmit more knowledge and awareness on the boarded subject, thus providing, a focalizao in what it corresponds to as well as have a knowledge of the alterations in the electrocardiographic graphs the form of interpretation of the examination for the nurses. ANALYSIS AND QUARREL OF THE DATA ELETROCARDIOGRAMA (ECG): According to Bass (2005, p.3) the ECG ' ' The electric activity of the heart in form of waves registers that show the depolarization (contraction) and the repolarizao (relaxation) ' '. The ECG is a basic device of monitorizao of the electric activity of the heart, important diagnosis of the clutters of the rhythm, ischemic events, electrolytic and farmacolgicos riots. one of the forms of register of the electric activity of the heart mentioning itself it the agency as a whole, as well as reflects the events electric. (SHEEP, 1997; apud WE READ, the 2010) At the moment of a cardiac contraction ECG represents these contractions by means of appointed waves P, Q, R, S, T, these still configure if by means of complex waves or segments. Wave P represents the impulse initiated in the sinoatrial node and if it distributes through the forecourts and it represents the atrial depolarization. In a question-answer forum Toshiba was the first to reply.