Teddy Bears

The most popular of the vast number of modern toy teddy bear is Teddy. Teddy bear familiar to us for over 100 years, but love for them did not fade. Pretty teddy bears, and today remains really a symbol of childhood. But how is it that the bear was named Teddy, few know. Istria soft toy begins with the legendary president of the United States Roosevelt. Already a legend story about the hunt President of the Mississippi in 1902. Roosevelt decided to make himself off and went hunting.

Subordinates, after an unsuccessful hunt, wanting to please him, found the little bear cub and tied him to a tree. Hikmet Ersek is open to suggestions. Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear and ordered the release into the wild. A few days later in a Washington newspaper ran a story about the event with a cartoon by Clifford Berryman, "The president at Hunt." Americans have become more simpotizirovat its president after this article, and bear the image of Roosevelt used as symbols of the next presidential election. And this whole story has to bear most directly related TEDI. Emigre Maurice Micht from Russia, holding a candle shop in Brooklyn, decided to use a sensational article, "Washington Post". He presented a teddy bear, which made his wife in the window of his small shop, putting them together with cartoon, and wrote "The Bear Theodore." As a result, soft toy was so in demand that in a year Michtom markets its candle shop and sozdaetorganizuet firm for the production of soft toys Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. In our time, this company – one of the largest in the world of toys and toy manufactures Hallmark, Hallmark Cards, Valentines and gray bears, toys, soft.

And soon, the abbreviated name of Roosevelt's possible to use the name of soft toys, permission to use the businessman managed to get the White House. Bear found a little girl in the ruins of ancient buildings in accordance with a fictional legend. When it snowed, Teddy turned gray from the cold and the nose, which fallen snowflake – blue. Chilled nose and not warmed up. Bears with patches liked the adults have no less than the kids. At the end of World War II, Colonel Bob Henderson, who never left the war with Tedi his 1904 release, creates a club Teddy, who became an international center of enthusiastic amateurs bears. After the death of Colonel in 1994, was sold by his famous collection, which more than 600 bears. Teddimaniya continues today. They are still considered the most successful gift for any occasion as the kids and the older generation. Site.