Technology Management Agency

Improving the quality of management of real estate agency Crises come and go, there's no getting around it. In the past two thousand nine year because of falling demand has closed many real estate agencies. Less money flow forces to shut down, no money to pay the rent, salaries, advertising. Survive, as they say the strongest. Now let's talk and how to become one of the best how to secure and reduce the impact on financial markets real estate agency. Read additional details here: Deutsche Bank.

Only one method – improving the quality of management. In order to avoid unnecessary interpretations were under the control we mean business process management agency, not just management personnel structure. Westinghouse Electric Company understood the implications. In order to successfully manage real estate agency should be split into components throughout the organization business processes. Which business processes can be extracted from each real estate agency, whether in than it is specialized (rent, sale, residential real estate, non-residential, and so on, without a difference). We select key business processes – Object search, advertising and sale of the object object.

You can of course continue to provide business processes, but the article is not about business processes and ways of improving the quality of these business processes. To improve the quality of all business processes at the same time to avoid excesses and imbalances. The organization should get small and well balanced – it's better than big and out of balance. Highlighting the key business processes need to put down their assessment processes, it is possible even on a scale. What we do at the outlet – a diagram that shows the weakest and the strongest processes. The next step will be pulling up to the strengths of weak processes, and the scale of the processes will be equal, then we can go in front. This theory, while practice is much more complicated. It is necessary, first, that changes made staffing agency and not ottorgnul them. How to do it as a separate topic. Now look at the main, in my opinion, the processes – administrative, marketing and financial technology. Administrative Technology – Technology Management Agency, staff and all business processes. Here the emphasis is on the database, internal database data, which are able to fill in agency staff, for example, the database site, where the head through the administration panel controls all its employees, leaving them with jobs, job plans, monitors performance of tasks, this is a technical point, which can improve the quality control employees of the agency. Further, marketing technology, is a bit more complicated, automated control over advertising, it does not matter what – television, newspapers, internet and so on, constant monitoring of the real estate market, survey customers and so on. What can be better at what level is the marketing technology in the agency? Analyze and move on. Financial technology. Here, the program "with a" competent accountant and enough to earn a score for financial technologies. To get the ball higher and push the organization up to next stage of development requires more effort. There is need financial analysis, cash flow modeling, simulation of business development, sensitivity analysis – and this has required a financial analyst. Which agency has the financial department, which manages financial flows of the organization? For a start will be enough. To deal with the competition to raise the level of organization, all funds invested in improving Quality kicking and make the organization more resilient to financial crises, of course, is not a panacea for all problems, but if can not resist and withstand the crisis with minimal losses, then it is not bad.