Isaac Asimov

And so the story betrays him. For more information see this site: Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation. No one knows concisely the exact time of its emergence, there are even researchers who disclose the hypothesis that the origin of science fiction dates back to ancient Greece, and others, to whom I give more reliability, which postulate its birth at the beginning of the 19th century. Anyway it began to become popular in the mid-20th century, and was in this and the previous century where types such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, and innumerable cientificos-escritores developed this literary genre, of which a large part of them was science, and here I stop with the question does has something to do Science today (with their new firmness and the requirement for its strict experimental verification properties) with the tendency that some scientists become science fiction writers?. Actually, according to my point of view. So you see these characteristics intrinsic of science inhibited, so to speak, some men to be able to elaborate on his ideas, which would have great impact if they submit them as real, even up to be mocked. Records show it as it is the case of Svante Arrhenius, who in the 1800s said that CO2 was going to damage the atmosphere in the near future and the scientific community are laughed in their noses; another type in 1959 said otherwise, that the gas emissions would favor our atmosphere and gave him an award. Or when Goddard proposed the idea of space travel, the majority of its colleagues contradicted it.

As a result they sought some form of expression without limits, as it is the literature of fiction of ideas, i.e., science fiction. And thanks to this the scientists seem to arrogate every time to speculate and enlarge the bandwidth of science, that are inspired with the texts of writers as Verne, for whom the Moon was far away. And this brings me to ask me some of his ideas turned into predictions that somehow anticipated events or that will happen in the near future? Clear that Yes. Thus evidenced by Huxley Aldous in brave new world, who anticipates genetic engineering and cloning in the year 2540 after Ford; Asimov showed the microsurgery on a voyage; A.C.