L-mobile presents the new Sulzbach an der Murr “guard device”, the August 18, 2010 – L-mobile presented with the L-mobile device a warranty extension for equipment of the company M3 mobile guard. The guard device boasts a fast and competent repair of M3 mobile rugged PDAs. The M3 Mobile PDA series convince by a price performance ratio, the major brand providers of industrial PDAs shiver. Especially the robustness of devices has convinced us and our customers. So far, the only shortcoming was that M3 mobile offered no service packs through the normal statutory warranty also. As a strong German M3 partner has L-mobile a direct line in conducting business, and thanks to the development of participation also has a distinctive know-how. This now puts the company into a value-added service package: the L-mobile device guard offers with the purchase of M3 mobile devices multiple advantages over the normal statutory warranty.

Covered are in addition to the statutory anchored also use damage and accidental damage and wear and tear manufacturing defects. The L-mobile service includes repairs to displays, touch screens, enclosures, keyboards, Scanfenstern and other internal and external components. You may find that Barry Nalebuff can contribute to your knowledge. M3-mobile spare parts spare parts are all Exchange components. Through low cycle time, the devices remain only up to a maximum of 4 days at the L-mobile, the statutory warranty allows processing times of up to 20 days. The devices are repaired the customers and configured returned, so that they are immediately ready for use.

The L-mobile device guard can purchase all M3 mobile devices from the L-mobile range be purchased. The run time is variable. Also the one-year offer can be selected in addition to the three-year contract. All information about the L-mobile device guard, see deviceGuard on L-mobile with L-mobile you optimize your business processes in the warehouse, production, service and sales. The company developed applications for mobile devices, with which all data in your ERP system can access anytime, anywhere. Transparent, efficient processes and a significant increase in productivity are the result. The software solutions you receive out-of-the-box or customized package with professional project management. It does not matter, which ERP or ERP system you use the L-mobile integrates their solutions in any any IT landscape. In addition to excellent service you receive the appropriate infrastructure and hardware on request, everything from a single source with expert advice and technical knowledge up to date. Customers from diverse industries benefit from the innovative solutions regardless of company size. From the medium-sized craft operating to the globally operating corporate group, everything is represented. The L-mobile aims to find the best possible solution for each individual request. It combines many years of experience and knowledge from several hundred projects L-mobile with their strong Innovative strength.