Use JavScript

Commission is 10% of the total recharge your balance. Freebonus. Ru – a bonus given to your resource, or reference frames are missing. WMR, WMZ, WMU, WME, WMY, and WMB – currency of your choice. Service will not be work on many free hosting sites, such as UCOZ because of their settings. Requires PHP on the hosting of your website.

Commission is 10% + 0. 8% (minimum 0. 01) = 11% doxod. Biz – money issued for free with your resource, and there is no frame, no links. WMR, WMZ, WMU, WME, WMY and WMB – currency of your choice. Requires the presence of PHP on the hosting of your website. Commission is 10% + 0.

8% (minimum 0. 01) = 11% Subonus. Ru – Issuance of WMR bonus. Add to your understanding with Karen Jonas. Use JavScript. Commission 10% of the resource. My note: webmoney commission will have to pay you, that is at issue penny from your account will be debited 2. User to distribute the bonus you must first be authorized. Get a bonus when your hand khalyavnykh money WMID is not used anywhere, no frames, and links. Where to give khalyavnyy pennies? Would you like to give out money for free on every page, put the script for this distribution of bonus in the pattern of their project. Alternatively you can use to issue bonus just one page – the one that can convince a user not just to get free money, but also view your project in detail. Chudestno if content on the page permanently ponovlyaetsya. Collectors of money for free the same people – let them see it is always interesting information. Do not put the bonus button at the top, let it be in the middle or bottom. So come to you for the freebie though a person has to view the page’s eye – and suddenly its something to interest you. Why distribute bonuses? The first reason – increase attendance. You can attract interested visitors, some will become your referalamy. Rising items in catalogs and ratings (due to the increase of attendance). You can prescribe the terms of the bonus: when you click on the banner, etc. page issue khalyavnykh attach money affiliate program, the selection is great. If you give khalyavnyy pennies for a long time, and other resources about the freebies network required to supply a link to your project.

Classification Of Earnings On The Internet

Hello! Today, the best day of your life! Today you have taken the first step to your financial independence. "Just walking will be mastered by the way" – Chinese proverb says. Enough lyrics, and proceed directly to the case. Today we talk about the classification of revenue on the Internet. It is necessary for the common understanding of the origin source of income not only on the Internet, but also offline, ie in our real life.

Although, if you look on the other hand, the Internet is already becoming difficult to logically separate from real life – too much so it woven into our lives. In particular in the economic and financial sphere. This is due to the constant evolution of technology, organization of business and, of course, the human desire to move forward. Thus, ways of earning on the Internet can be divided into two categories: active and passive income. Perhaps you about it when something is heard. Active income – is a kind of income when you receive income while to take some action, and regularly spend most of their time. Passive income – is a kind of earnings that you to take some action once and for all (while there will be this niche), in order to create a steady source of income and future profit practically no time.

It is very important, because time – is irreversible, and thus the most important resource of our life. In turn, active ways of income can be divided into two categories: working for someone and work for themselves. A passive income is divided into: maintenance of personal or a joint business and investment. Working for someone else – everything is clear, you are paying for a certain someone's request for a permanent or temporary basis. On the Internet it is – various frilansing, Writing, rewriting, as well as less-skilled work: posting, viewing and other paid advertising on the work itself – it is when you're alone, let alone reach their own economic goals. It is the creation site, a blog, and mailing services to their online revenue sources without assistance. Maintaining a personal or joint business – it is a serious level of income for small investment of time. Again, this is the creation of websites and Index of varying difficulty, but with the assistance of hired labor. Also online are actively developing new opportunities for joint business – affiliate programs. This is when you engage in an online store and customers Sellers partners your referral link and get a percentage of profits online store. And another form of passive income – is an investment. Principle – invest your money – you get more money virtually zero cost of time and energy. As in real life, only through the Internet tools. Conclusions release. Income on the Internet is: 1. Active income: a) Work for someone else, and b) Self-employment, 2. Passive earnings: a) Conducting a joint business or personal, and b) Investment. Here's a simple classification. As in real life. But do not forget that the Internet is built on the model of our lives, interests and needs. Simply, he is much simplified our way to financial independence. Since you were Borisov Denis, until we meet again.