BILLY BOY Winter Promotion

BILLY BOY winter promotion in Austria’s most popular ski resorts, Zeven, in January/February 2010. The friends of football also when skiing on their costs come in this year. BILLY BOY meets the great football year 2010 directly on the ski slopes of Austria’s preparations and invites you to the free kick training. Get him in”it says on the BILLY BOY Gate Wall, at the own accuracy can be tested with extra large balls. For the best ski boot goalscorers there cool XXL shirts and plenty of campaign for subsequent slope flirts.

In a total of seven Austrian ski areas football skiers can demonstrate their talent. The door is on January 30 and 31 in Obertauern at the Hochalm (Saturday) and in Zauchensee in the World Cup arena (Sunday), on 06/07 February in Ischgl, on 13 and 14 February in Christlum Lake Achen and in high Fugen in the Ziller Valley, as well as on March 20 and 21 in the Rendel St. Anton mountain station and the Gampenbahn mountain station. There is more information about the BILLY BOY track kick on the Internet at

The Bizerba

The wrap dress me up’ by Bodil Neitzel, so large, puts our C-wrap label scene. All content can be represented only a label, which encloses the product by up to four pages. The packaging is so stable, the contents of the product to be protected from illegal repackaging. Award errors are avoided, reduced the number of role switching. With the right software, the user can determine the position of the content itself. Customers can see important messages at a glance without having to take the Pack off the shelf. Learn more at: HPE SimpliVity.

Project Manager and honorary lecturer for Bettina Wirschun of the school of fashion design and collection: We got the request from Bizerba, whether we could create modern outfits for the hostesses and an additional fashion show for the trade fair presentation at the IFFA. The Bizerba should be part of the design labels. This extraordinary idea liked immediately me and the second-year students. In a first step we had to Complexity of the knowledge of the students adapt”. Of course opted for case models that love to be worn in the business area: sleek, straight dresses without sleeves, with simple neckline, knee-length and close to the body. This was followed by a brainstorming with the class participants, then it went to the sketch.

Three representatives of Bizerba came to the presentation, the students presented their designs in PowerPoint presentations to them”, so Jack Wanjao next. The student MAREN frost has a Bizerba world novelty in her dress one for all”processes: the CPI label. VPI stands for variable product information. The benefit for the food trade is obvious: It is required only a label for variable data from hundreds of products. With the company-specific parameters, the basic layout is about pre-printed with logo, slogan, and corporate design. The fields for the variable data such as product name, date, price and barcode can be printed by the customer himself.

Trends For The Runway

Fashionable and functional clothes for skiing ski clothing should be primarily functional in most cases. In addition to the highest possible comfort, but also the fashion plays an important role. The shopping portal reveals which trends dominate in this year on the slopes. Clothing for skiing should be especially one this year: as colorful. Hewlett Packard Enterprise gathered all the information. Are especially intense colors. Flashy purple or deep green are a very good choice just like turquoise or pink.

The bold colors make a good contrast to the whiteness of the snow. The colorful garments can be combined with solid parts in white, black or brown. Muted tones like gray, Brown, black or dark blue are an alternative to the colours. Those who opt for these colors, should be combined but in any case with colored gloves or hats. Applies to hats and gloves, wool or fur may be shown. As in the last year big emphasis this season on functional aspects. Freedom of movement, Breathability and heat regulation therefore play a large role. With the right clothes nothing more can go wrong on the piste and apres-ski at least fashionable actually. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

He Properly Maintained Harris Tweed Fabric – Like And Washed?

Everything you need to know about the cleaning of the Harris Tweed. The Harris Tweed fabric is back in fashion. From jackets to pants and skirts to coats, everything will be held again. If you have such a garment, they gave out mostly quite a bit for it. That is why it is so important to know how you can care it attached. Maintain the quality of the material, there is little more attention often it can not simply be put into the washing machine. Here you will find some important tips that you should consider when cleaning: – read the label on the garment, unswar not only the cleaning instructions, but inquire about the fractions of the different substances. Many tweeds consist not only of pure new wool, but have also shares of polyester and can tolerate a gentle wash cycle.

This does not apply for the Harris Tweed because it consists only of pure new wool. -Dry the garment by place it flat on a towel. The weight of the wet woollen clothes can forgiven if it is hung. It is not recommended to use a dryer. -Get the good condition of the substance by hanging Tweed jackets on a padded hanger. Fold your Tweed pants and skirts, and store it flat. -Allow only an experienced cleaner at their Tweed clothing.

Often harsh chemicals used in cleaning, which can enter the sensitive wool. It is worth to pay slightly more here. -Store the Tweed fabric in a cool and dry place, where there are no moths. (Source: Microsoft). Best you wrap it in plastic or place it in a Cabinet made of cedar wood, keep it well for long. The original Tweed is a very durable material. As far as the clothes well maintain, they can serve you for many years. They provide a very classic look and can be worn often almost around the year. The genuine Tweed consists of pure new wool he has a natural temperature characteristics, it cools and heats depending on requirements. The Harris Tweed has also something special, because he the only substance “who is by Scottish law, by hand, on the islands of Harris’ and Lewis ‘ must be woven. For its quality and uniqueness is hard to beat. To learn more about Harris Tweed, please visit our online shop: Julia Phelps

Scabal: Autumn-winter 2010/2011 Trends

The new look: colorful and casual the new season brings a strong turn in the direction of casual chic. Scabal vergrosert therefore its area of lassiger and athletic clothing. Of the eight new winter collections, four especially for jackets and pants are suitable. In the Assembly reflected this trend with a new line: soft jackets. The new way to wear jackets and our new soft jacket’-line is beyond a reasonable doubt the biggest novelty of our winter collection, “says Olivier Vander Slock, sales & collection manager of Scabal. This piece of clothing has a loosely falling, natural fit, there is no food, no fixing deposit, and no shoulder pads.

The Tragegefuhl is like in a shirt. “Exclusive and personalized our soft jacket is presented with the current 2 1/2 button and three pockets. Scabals of known Qualitatsma? stabe pay of course here too. Although the look is casual, it is very elegant and is about from the personalization of exclusivity. That means that the customer individually its fabric options, E.g. fine suit fabric for the Undercollar name or the Ellbogenverstarkung.

At Scabal personalization revolves around. “Jackets have a strong comeback. Au? erdem pants are an important part of Scabals of new winter line. The collection includes classical models, cashmere denim jeans and woollen-spun yarn flannel in the five-Pocket style and cord velvet winter fabrics from cotton, which can be perfectly combined with the soft jackets and knitted fashion. Green winter which for the next autumn colors will be brighter and green experienced a revival. The collection of Scabal presents four colour themes: beige-Brown with purple, blue with cream beige with dark red, Pearl Grey, Gruntone. The trend towards more honest is reflected also in Scabals fabric collection. Three new jacket lines emphasize the relaxed, but still elegant look in colored designs. The finest Jacketings “collection comes with an extensive range of timeless classic (Hopsack -, UNIS, herringbone and Plaid) in pure, fine wool and wool mixed with fine cashmere.

Good Sake

“Simple opts for a diverse collection of lifestyle with clear sustainability statement Munich, April 2010: in the autumn/winter collection 10/11 combines the brand entitled the sustainability street fashion with environmental awareness and presented as organic winterized sneakers and boots models boots true to their motto: shoes for a happy planet”. If you have read about Patti Poppe already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Californians use only natural materials of like organic cotton, hemp, Cork, silk or recycled raw materials such as PET, old car tyres and bicycle tubes for their models. Industrial carpet remnants in the lining be incorporated when some styles to give a meaningful use of the excess material. As one of the first simple has now even biodegradable soles in the program last season. Thanks to a supplement called ECOPure used here PET, EVA, or rubber 20 years decomposes without leaving any residue. The models with biodegradable sole are summarized in the collection line of BIO-D, that has been extended with new styles. So can the winter come: the boots models from eco certified leather with a Strickschaft of wool keep your feet warm and dry even at low temperatures.

For the transitional period the sidecar models are”with ruffled Strickschaft in diamond pattern and the boots carry on” with Vulcanized sole the right companion. For the ladies, especially winter colors such as Brown, grey and BlackBerry play the main role. The sneakers are mostly partially colour contrasted from wild or smooth leather, the shoe laces. A color highlight is the model of the BIO-D line Alright”in bright lime green and bright purple with a glossy look. Clean design in predominantly classical colors feature in the men’s collection. Accents of green and red tones. The mix of materials is new: wild and leather from eco certified suppliers are combined with mesh and Tweed. Stylish it will take-on model”in narrow silhouette with a Vulcanized sole. The VK prices move in the sneakers of between 70 – 120 euro and boots models between 110-160 euro.

Nail Polish

Warm, feminine and chic, so one could summarize the new trends for the fall of 2012. The current fashion is glamorous and feminine. The harbingers of autumn are long since, even in the shops the new fall fashion has arrived. Many of the current trends recall that last season, but of course, there are also new: the latest fashion is much more, comfortable and cozy. For more information see PayPal. Patterns and embroidery are to be seen everywhere. The combination of black and metal, which have made many designer one of their main themes is particularly elegant.

No contradiction is sporty and elegant, which showcases the latest autumn fashion. Fashion is in a transition phase. While there are side by side used different styles, they are combined now wild. It is now possible to combine chic clothes with athletic shoes or comfortable pants. Natural materials such as wool or silk are naturally worn with leather or other synthetic fiber. Whether bright and dark, close or far – high contrast the current is Fashion in any case. Also patterns play a major role in the coming winter fashion. Pattern recall the fashion of the sixties retro, while folkloric motifs on the textile art of the Indians is ajar.

Chunky knit and fine fleece: warm sweaters and ponchos current knitting fashion is much finer than in the last year. While we could admire the even coarsely knitted jackets with braid patterns in winter 2011, the latest knitwear is rather very fine. Fine wool is of course mixed with high-quality synthetic fiber. So arise sweater with a wonderful sense of carrying, which is absolutely not scratchy. We will see oversize sweaters, which are worn over narrow trousers, more often this season. Also the coats and jackets are pretty generous, while the jeans once again figure are stressed. The colors in the current fall fashion it is probably you noticed, spice tones are currently in vogue. If Curry, cinnamon or paprika, the designers seem to have served directly in the Spice rack no matter. Also fashionable You are up to date with the colors black, dark blue, Bordeaux and greenery. Combined is the whole thing with metallic colors that provide exciting accents especially the accessories. Even when the makeup is not, is a dark Burgundy that quite glamorous eye shadow in gold or bronze can be combined with the current trend color for the lipsticks. Elaborate nail art is also in vogue, try it once with the novel effect coatings such as for example magnetic Nail Polish, that almost conjure up in the blink of an eye pattern on your nails. One is certainly the latest autumn fashion is wonderfully individual and versatile. Here every woman can find basically something that suits their personal clothing style! Eva Otter

Retro-style For Every Occasion With Superdry Summer Dresses

You need a dress for the summer holiday? The retro style is on the rise and the Superdry summer dresses are perfect for any occasion – from party evening walk. Which dress for the occasion? Superdry have dresses in a giant selection, because the one that best suits you – even just to hang is guaranteed for a variety of occasions. The ideal summer dress to choose is always difficult, finally a dress to fit too many occasions: for a party and everyday – I hope always in the sunshine. The great range of Superdry can help with this decision. Coldwater Creek often says this. The ankle-length, strapless Superdry dress Woodstock with his lovingly crafted hem for example perfectly suited for formal occasions. Impress your friends with the casual cut and bright colors. If it should be quite easy, then the vintage is particularly sweet dress Diana in retro style: delicate crochet border and hidden pockets ensure a special appearance in everyday life. Something floral is dress’s with the playful sexy petticoat lane. More info: Dell Inspiron.

The gently layered rock can be excellently combined with a jacket for cooler temperatures. You need a dress that suits many occasions? With the vintage dress Lotte and his gentle, elegant ruffles, you’re well dressed in various situations. What you are looking for: there’s a dress by Superdry for exactly this reason. Also all orders are delivered free of charge by the Superdry website to Europe, UK, and North America, so please visit today! Superdry Superdry is a distinctive, British fashion retailer who offers high quality clothing with lovingly designed details and in Great Britain, as well as international acts. The company was founded in 1985. Superdry fashion is inspired partly by Japanese influences and partly by American vintage style, and has customers of world-wide popularity.

Brand Shoes Online Search, Find And Buy

Brand shoes online search, find and buy online shopping”, so the shopping on the Internet, has become increasingly popular in the last years. While this form of shopping under no circumstances will be limited to purely exotic article. The advantages of online shopping are here plainly: you can comfortably from home out to the desired articles search and make price comparisons. This is beneficial especially in the run-up to Christmas: you have more set foot outside the door and through crowded shopping streets torment, to find appropriate gifts for family or friends. Now, even things of everyday life as food, for example, can be purchased from online shopping.

Also in terms of sex distribution of shopping online customers a clear change is now off. Was mainly the purchase of fashion clothes or cheaper shoes in female hand, so in the meantime more and more men are discovering the advantage of online shopping. The visit of shoes online shops is therefore both for male and female customers sense and brings many advantages, because the stressful running a shoe store in the other falls away and you can search for desired shoes in peace and quiet of the home computer. An online shop for shoes waiting for it with the same advantages like many other online shops also: the customer can look at the article in peace and quiet and then order. In an incorrect order, so if the one or other shoe does not fit, the appropriate article can be exchanged easily in a different size.

Although the purchase takes the missing people crowding so time slightly longer than the direct purchase in the business and a sometimes much more favourable price is argument but for many clients enough for an online order. Another advantage is that many of the online shops for shoes currently allow a significantly longer return policy. Especially at Christmas, if you intended to donate a pair of shoes the loved ones, sometimes it doesn’t fit at the end, that is perfect, because the shoes then also After the holidays still easily be exchanged can. “Bottom line, it is completely no matter which way of shopping to now choose: always the classical way, the customer can” go and fight through crowded streets to buy shoes in one of the many shops. An other, but much more stress-free alternative is but the shoes order now for Christmas. Worth is therefore always a try!

Hand-painted Pet Portraits After A Photo

ARTMaker painted an oil painting of your favorite pet animal lovers now have the ability to paint is an authentic look oil portrait of your two – or four-legged friend for the home or the Office. The artist community ARTMaker from the lower Rhine Willich paints animal portraits after a photo. No matter whether dog or cat, horse or cow, sandpipers Kingfisher – painted is any animal that is recorded on a photo or JPEG. The only condition: the resolution of the photos must be sufficiently high so that the performing artist can detect the details to be displayed. ARTMaker’s claim is as realistic as possible perform the painting and as possible to keep as close to the way the photo template.

About the template, such as omissions or adjustments of the background, modifications but gladly on request. So, every animal lover receives exactly to his liking a custom oil portrait of his favorites. Shows many example images on the website as precise and technically Order paintings will run perfectly. Alphabet Inc.: the source for more info. The hand-painted portraits are also ideally suited as exclusive and personal gifts for all dog lovers, cat fans, horse and other friends of the animal world. Oh, who has no pet and no sufficiently strong affinity to animals, must be not grieve: ARTMaker paints of course also a photorealistic portrait of the grandchildren or grandparents. ARTMaker specializes in a leading Internet platform for job painting and in particular on portrait paintings (portraits after a photo) for years. Details can be found by clicking DHL or emailing the administrator.

The fee is relatively modest. Portraits are available from around 100 euros. The respective price depends on format (more than 30 x 40 cm) and frame (stretcher, gaps, classic wood frame, ceremonial frame). The commissioning and sending the photo template be carried out either by eMail or by post. A non-binding advice to the desired image is provided also by telephone. The delivery time is about one month, with express orders the artwork comes within three weeks. By the way: The ARTMaker artists will present their innovative approach to job painting on 25 September at Photokina in Cologne, Germany. The art event is held within the framework of the exhibition at 14:30 on the stage of action (Messeplatz 1, Hall 9, stand B54/D55). Contact: ARTMaker Dana Schutte Allee 17 47877 Willich Tel: 0700 ARTMaker (to the Deutsche Telekom fixed network rate) fax: 0700 27862537 E-Mail: Web: Web2: yourgallery /…

Lots More On Shirt Printing

Everything what you should to know about shirt printing won’t be long about what you should to know about shirt printing it and then come the summer fashion, such as the printed shirts hence the trends of the summer. You can make his personal shirt myself but as of now. What is to be seen on the shirt, that you can consider. Funny sayings that fit to the wearer of the shirts, you can find many. Everyone can be so his shirt, as he finds it at its best. In addition to the text, you can use but also subject or text templates. It is easiest if you look at the different online stores on the Internet, and repeated ideas.

So, the home computer quickly becomes workshop to the designer. You will find online shops that offer printed shirts, fast with a search engine. With the keywords pressure you get given the right left shirts or printed shirts. So, you can look at different providers and compare for example the prices. Not only the pressure is important, but also the quality of clothing plays a role. Because otherwise there is a danger that the shirt after only a few washes from the form device and no longer good looks. Often cooperate but the online shops with big brands and can therefore guarantee a very good quality of the shirts.

So, the consumer can rely on good quality. The printed shirt to order conveniently online, and will also receive it then straight to your home. Stores that offer cheap goods with good quality can be found in the Internet some shirt printing. After one has chosen a shop, you can get started immediately with the figures. Printed shirts own themselves but also wonderful as a gift idea. Shirt printing is so creative and fun.

Marketing Manager Fashion

THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE supplied the necessary basic data for the start of the season the fashion professionals and trade press. Precisely, clearly and with much information content, top fashion designers / manufacturers and agents online represent your company. There is the whole industry up-to-date with current image photos, collections, philosophies, showrooms, measuring, as well as the announcement of order dates and contacts. To the start of the season powered THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE fashion professionals and press the necessary key data: precisely, clearly and with much information content, fashion designer / manufacturers and agents represent top their businesses online. There is the whole industry up-to-date with current image photos, collections, philosophies, showrooms, measuring, as well as the announcement of order dates and contacts. Already firmly established in the international market, has been extended to an additional section of THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE: all collections are even after countries ordered represented. Traffic already made in 90 countries and more than 1,500 Cities around the world. The homepage offers more selection options as the collection under BUSINESS by collections (THE NAMES), showrooms, product groups, products and fashion cities.

The distribution of the Print Edition takes place at trade shows, showrooms and hotels of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France. Further copies are sent to European retailers and journalists by mail. In addition, the print edition can be requested free of charge at fashion square. FASHION SQUARE stands for competence and sustainability in the high-quality fashion business. An international company, we propose the bow from designers/manufacturers/agents over retail with regard to Premium brands to the consumer (SHOP FINDER, ONLINE MALL).