Granites Makeup

Course makeup with light how go without looking like you’re going to make-up, skin smooth, healthy, with the same tone and a light as if you take a light bulb placed make-up? Yes, it is possible, today I’ll tell you how. I guess you’ve seen that the Golden tones, the purples, blues take much anyway, that takes go make-up. But, of course, who wants to course free makeup in purple a Monday morning? Today I reveal, without doubt, one of my favorite makeup, easy and that you can use every day, every day! Steps: you summarize the makeup in three steps, and add a list of essential products: 1. impeccable skin what I’ll say, if you don’t have the skin well hydrated and clean, if it is filled with imperfections, is more difficult (although not impossible) achieve this look. So if you want to improve the appearance of your skin in general, follow the following recommendations: If you have a serious problem or simply can’t find the right product for you, go to a dermatologist. Even I les ask advice from time to time. Eat well and drink water. Do not touch the Granites, requests your doctor a good ointment treating and usa Correctors that blurring and try.

Exfoliate your skin gently once a week. Eye with very strong products: If you see that your skin will Flake and reddens, something that you’re using is not going well. Make-up you every night and cleans your face every morning. Uses beauty treatments such as masks, and get a cleaning from time to time. Sleeping enough, notice it quickly. 2 Corrections and base once we have the skin well cleansed and moisturised, the next step is correct. I first apply the concealer in dark circles, Granites, etc., and then the base. If after the base I still see something, I return to retouch, always with a brush and with care not to overuse the product.