In it appeared Atawalpa, with the best of their dresses and gold arrays. What stood out was the Mascaikpacha and Rod knob that each ruler of the Tawantisuyu had been relieved since the establishment of the great Confederation of Nations. Tomo seat in his bunk and gave signal that progress, to which all the porters as a single will put is underway. They were by the great Capak Nam or path of the righteous, designed as a main communication route, but also in it was contained all knowledge of astronomy, Sciences, agricultural engineering, hydraulic etc., of the many, many years and thousands of years the Andean man had. It was all stoned; some yanas cleaned the road where the Inka had passed, was his habit and their duty to pay for the affront that their ancestors had done in the past and which had removed them the proper name and not they knew that nation belonged.

Sapa Inka likes with sowings that term in the countryside of that nation, were all to be harvested and stored in the Tambos. It was the way in which the runes stopped to watch the motorcade pass; Some were on their knees facing toward the floor as a sign of respect and admiration for the ruler, the children remained with the staring, and wondering who will be older people owe so much respect. In the distance the constructions of stone of the Marka and the complete silence that could already be distinguished in the reigned. To move ahead the crowd was singing his songs from start of the festivities to Tata Wilka in Cuzco and which allegedly should go very soon. Everyone danced and including those who wore the palanquin of the Sapa Inca, the coya, as well as the Sinchis from different nationalities, especially the sinchi of Chincha, who was recognized as a virtuoso sailor and trader of the borders of the Tawantisuyu. On the door the ungainly figure is distinguished from one of the runes still Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos ACLLAHUASI barbones: is the chosen House, were for the cult to the Sun or other Huacas, for the service of the deceased Incas Sapas, there chose to secondary wives of the Sapa Inca. MARKAS: it is similar to people, as also is bamba and other synonyms of the runa simi. Runa Simi refers to the speech of the people.

MAMACONA: The major women’s and I knew that I was teaching the acllahuasis as it also was at the service of the Coyas or Sapa INKA. QIKYUSISA: WHITE FLOWER. YANACOYA: Black Princess. TATA WILKA: Father Sun. YANAS: Runes without a name, without nation. PAPAKASHQUI: Soup of yellow Pope with quail eggs and good grass, which is an aromatic plant. nunas: special beans which is served to taste the soup.