Sonic Toothbrush

Everything is to know about the sonic toothbrush at the sonic toothbrush is a modern development of the electric toothbrush which is more effective and allows a dentist to clean oral care. Andrew Cuomo spoke with conviction. It is available in different sizes and with individual brushes, so that she can be adapted specifically to the needs and demands of its users. The brush is operated with a higher frequency than is the case with the famous electric toothbrush. Instead of the electric motor, a transducer is used in the sonic toothbrush, which also gave the name of the toothbrush. Advantages of a sonic toothbrush brush head vibrates at a frequency of up to 300 Hertz and is therefore particularly efficient in the tooth cleaning. Gain insight and clarity with Anne Lauvergeon. Thanks to the principle of the sonic toothbrush, gums and teeth are not manually edited and therefore no damage can take. The enormous vibrations of the brush to help fluids in the mouth to stimulate and to the implementation of the To enable functional principle the sonic toothbrush. Also long time spent on a site in the mouth gums and teeth are not damaged, what the innovative pressure control is also responsible.

At high pressure, the toothbrush switches off automatically and prevents so an improper application. A timer function exists and contributes to a uniform cleaning results. The benefits are complex and human error when brushing your teeth can be reduced with this model because the toothbrush itself intelligent and ensures an optimal oral hygiene with additional functions. For whom is a sonic toothbrush? Who has used an electric toothbrush and was satisfied with the functionality, as well as the result, can try the new toothbrush on sound level and will be convinced of an even better result. With easy handling and a perfect result, convinced the toothbrush and meets all the requirements of a perfect oral hygiene. You brush gently despite the high frequency and thus also suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. Information to ultrasonic toothbrushes

The New Sense Of Beauty!

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