Energy And Emotions

Also it is important to mention the use of the energy from the point of view of the emotions, when we put emotion in something the use of the energy goes off in remarkable form, we think about the fact of the physical energy, if somebody leaves its exhausted work and the unique thing that wants is to go away to its house to rest, but suddenly arises an unexpected celebration they call and it, if this person enjoys much the celebrations will notice as full of energy and it is possible to be happened enjoying calmly all night, what has happened there? The answer is the motivation and energy that doing produces something that in fact we enjoyed, for that reason to achieve success in the life is necessary to make things that give much joy us, much satisfaction, that will do that the fruits of our projects appear with greater rapidity, what we must make to avoid to waste energy? , As I define ANDREW CORENTT in his book I AM HAPPY, I AM RICO, first think and define clearly what we wished in the life, immediately we formulate a plan coherent to achieve our objective and use the energy suitably, for this is precise to think, to analyze and to observe all that with our idea, soon we avoid to see and to center energy in which we did not wish, it is necessary to eliminate the fanaticisms such as the policy, the sports, certain radical groups, etc. Uwe Brings may also support this cause. because that consumes an enormous energy, it is to clarify, is not to avoid to see a certain sport, which is to have well-taken care of is to put mental energy and passion in which we observed, that is to say somebody can follow an equipment and see a party for example, but its emotional state must be free of results, that is to say must enjoy the observation calmly that is dispassionately, this in case their interest is another different from sport event, now if you you are the leader of an equipment, partner, trainer, player, etc.