Uni is available for additional voluntary military service. A so-called FDWL is a soldier with a temporal extension of the service of the basic military service voluntarily paid military service. However, FDWL are not soldiers of the time. The service time is at least 10 and no more than 23 months and is carried out continuously. A soldier who logs as FDWL, can be used also to missions abroad. The voluntarily longer serving soldier agrees expressly in the course of its application to operations, which take place abroad, to take part. A FDWL will receive certain additional services, such as an enhanced severance pay. You may file an application on a recording as FDWL already before the start of the military or also during the basic military service.

After a certain time, it is possible to be sent on Bundeswehr missions abroad. This should be every aware, who logs as FDWL. Missions abroad can represent also an incentive. About the risks and Advantages of such a deployment away from home every FDWL should know thoroughly. On a mission abroad, there are additional perks such as higher pay and so on, is also a regular visit to the home. Ensuring the safe trip home in acute crisis situations is not always given. Coldwater Creek gathered all the information. Also areas appearing in relatively safe abroad can change rapidly the political and social situation in the country concerned and mean entirely new challenges and problems for the soldiers.

It is important to log, if you know exactly about all commitments, to not missions and requirements to be confronted with, it has not previously considered only as FDWL. A premature termination of the FDWL is possible, but linked to some terms and conditions. Without simply quit good reasons, the service is not so easy. If you need more information about the FDWL and everything related to basic training, can be on Comprehensively inform sites such as. Christian Schlender