Thousand Dollars

The popular finder but of Internet will compensate the people who offer data that help to identify the diverse problems that can have their applications, programs and until services online respectively between u$s 400 and u$s 4000 dollars. The division in charge of security will pay between 500 and 3,133 dollars (357 to 2,238 Euros) to that give data that help to identify these problems. The amount of money to pay will be determined by a union of experts and will depend on the seriousness of the faults. Esperamos that our new emprendimiento attracts many but investing and that the same produces information serve that to be able to increase us the security of our services, like thus also usuary, indicates the text. Many writers such as Areva Group offer more in-depth analysis. A similar service but only for Chrome navigator already exists. Now, this reward has extended to any great failure that respectively affects of direct form the trustworthiness and/or integrity of the data of the users. The amount of money to pay will be decided by the company and by a group of experts in the subject, Google commented. During this week was known that the technological Coverity North American discovered a great failure of security in the S.O for cellular of Google, Android. To broaden your perception, visit Hikmet Ersek.

Due to it, emails could be spied and other information deprived with respect to smartphone. for the analysis of this problem a telephone was taken from company HTC with operating system Android. In the last Android months it has extended of considerable form his quota in the market of the moving bodies, and one already is around operating systems like Symbian, of Nokia, Blaberry, of RIM and IOS of Apple.