Stefan Kiessling

That also “the number 10 shirt only allocated”, made the promotion “of talent to the farce. The message was clear: “You’re still not good enough, maybe someday!”. Meanwhile, Kroos must adapt to a new environment. In Leverkusen, he should now get match practice, but this played a team is too strong to be a training Club. He won’t see probably use a lot of time in this team. “It could well be that Kroos status talent” never come out. Partly to blame because you would then push the Bavarians in the shoes especially Jurgen Klinsmann: requesting Kroos, now finally enforce against van Bommel (who know’s a washed with all waters, very European Cup experienced professional), sounds downright inhuman in my eyes and is easy to create for a 17-year-olds. You had to trust him, but Bayern have never done that.

Especially Jogi Low is likely to make from time to time three crosses, that the Munich at the time lame gave the (residual) training of his internationals Phillip to Stuttgart and Felix Magath. There he matured now 25 years to the service provider and currently belongs to the strongest defenders of the outside world. Even Roque Santa Cruz is a famous example of the mismanagement of talent on the street of Saben. “The debtor as a 16 year-old Heartthrob from Paraguay could never fulfill their aspirations, what also the back much too cautious” building will be owed and he also never got the trust of more than a few games. Hardly he moved to Blackburn, he was 2007/2008 with 19 hits of fourth scorer of the Premier League season. Mention should here the case of Podolski. FC Bayern Munich, the superstar once gottergleich revered not only in Cologne became an almost tragic figure. This should be no typical Bavaria-bashing.

Also in Gladbach trainer “Grandpa” Hans Meyer with the talents makes currently Marin and Baumjohann much wrong,. especially when it comes to leadership. But because of its special position in international football, the German record champions actually has the requirement to produce world class talents. These opportunities should not so negligently made to give them. Homegrown and Nerlinger, Hamann, babbel brought at least the Munich in the 90’s or another masters title. There arises the question of why they are lost this way. The “Club” makes it above! My beloved 1 FC Nuremberg, showed if also willy-nilly, with Stefan Kiessling and Andreas Wolf a few years ago, that perseverance can pay off. At the beginning I considered rather Kiessling a ungelenkigen chance death and Wolf, in particular due to his technical weaknesses, as a security risk. However, due to lack of alternatives and thereby constantly increasing game practice, you could feel their progress in each match. Kiessling is internationals now and makes up with Patrick Helmes great storm duo in Leverkusen. Wolf was overlooked consistently by Joachim Low, what is not lack of understanding caused only at Club fans. Since he was originally born in Tajikistan, after all even the emerging Russian national team had requested. That’s why my request: let the boys play! They can not develop otherwise. The trust should be given over an entire season, then only then sees manm where the road leads. Should this caution of yes no burn volition”in Germany shouldn’t change you in the future with typical cucumber football of the DfB team to do need to take will further envious squint in the other European leagues, where Messi and C. Ronaldo, Walcott, Fabregas, Rooney thanks to many and earlier periods have become world class players. What do you say?