Pyramids of Egypt

The lack of information about when and as to the Pyramids of Egypt and the different versions were constructed, they make of these an exquisite mystery able to seduce million people. The most intrepid travellers ancan to travel to Egypt to know the unquestionable wealth that owns east country as they are his archaeological deserts and treasures. The visited tourist place more is the Necrpolis de Giza. In Giza is the Great Pyramid of Keops that is one of the seven wonders of the world that still is in perfect state. This structure, that during century XIV, was considered like highest of the world, would be finished constructing in the year 2570 A.C. The Pyramid of Kefrn was well-known like the Great Pyramid because it thought that it was greater than Keops, but only is a visual effect, to be placed in a higher level of the plateau. (As opposed to Everest Capital). Nevertheless it continues being great attractive a tourist one. Also it is the Pyramid of Menkaura or Micerino, with this one is completed the short list of more important pyramids of Giza.

The Pyramid of Menkura, at the moment is lost part of its revestimento of granite and limestone stone. Without forgetting to us the Great Esfinge, that is an important statue that is in Giza. It measures 72 meters in length and 20 meters of stop that was constructed in honor a Kefrn, also known like Jafra. The Staggered Pyramid of Zoser, is something that the tourists would not have to stop visiting. According to the archaeologists, this construction was the prototype for rest of Egyptian pyramids. Egypt is had preparation to receive to these tourists with cheap and accessible hotels, in all the attached zones to these monuments.