Private Weapons Are No Threat To The Public

Threats where there are no civil rights be further speed while the policy is concerned as one before the law reliable gun owners further restrict bully and expropriate can hundreds of weapons started to disappear in the ranks of the security forces. If you look at the statistics 150 weapons were stolen alone since 2000 real good 70 war weapons thereof. The requested ban which should prohibit large caliber shooting for under 18 year olds, the practical is for young hunters teenagers which is law compliant behavior and and practically a green will put off graduation thus criminalized. For 18 to 21-year-old shooter, it is no longer possible to acquire large caliber weapons but is enough to run a firearm at the police station or the Bundeswehr on behalf of Germany during operations abroad to kill people this people group mature. In the policy was debated repeatedly use private gun owners of larger caliber than the full, German armed forces and the police officers alone this statement shows that our dictatorship wants politics, why else politics probably was afraid of the citizens. Not only the possession of weapons in itself is affected by this ban craze, it is becoming increasingly clear our policy would like to control us and check. Required prohibitions and civil restrictions: Games, computer games, even martial arts such as the ultimate fighting are paintball on the program. Furthermore, it calls online searches license plate scanner nude scanner at airports biometric ID cards, all in the name of terror does not exist in Germany.