Make a try and forbid the Internet, the computer or the mobile phone such as your son or your daughter and look at the emotional reaction. Or democracy prohibits in a State such as Germany (if possible) and watch how the revolution jump. I call this behavior a emotionally-intensive habituation of aposteriorischen needs. Kongentiale business requirements can be in relative terms, both luxury and Kulturbedurfnise. They are present in all living people and are a minimum of ownership of of need for. (The example: demand for food, water and oxygen). It is not hard to recognize: the failure of satisfaction is dead; in the truest sense of the word.

Their experience was forced upon us by means of physiological and mental conditions. As embryo or fetus – in the belly of the mother – we couldn’t decide, whether we like it or not absorb food. This experience is through evolution (or whatever) determined for us. The kongentialen existence needs are so to speak the imposed aposteriorischen needs. Circulation of the needs should represent this model the behavior of the need for processing of a “sane” Homo sapiens.

All needs (except the kongentialen) are aposteriorisch, he needs the knowledge of something that can be used later to his need Homo sapiens. This can be a new invention or other things (child support, voting rights, etc.), social and political opportunities. A detailed analysis of the need for following the obtaining of knowledge. These include comparison with other wishes, investigating the financial possibilities and so, for example, the observation of the collective, If this need in the priority ranking far above, a sensation of lack of occurs gradually. Now he is trying to appease this sensation of lack of; he fails it (or already from the outset determines that it is an impossibility), so frustration occurs and he has devoted himself in his head a different need from the priority list.