Menstruation – this is a very important process that occurs in the body of every woman. Ignorance often causes us to worry over trifles, or not pay attention to serious problems. Articles published in This section of the site, will answer all questions relating to “critical days”. In each of the ovaries since birth, each girl has about 100-150 thousands of immature eggs. When the ovary receives hormonal signals, one of egg begins to ripen.

The egg is inside a special sac (follicle), which is evolving, growing in size and as it protrudes to the surface of the ovary. From approximately the 8th to the 15th day of the menstrual cycle ovulation occurs: the follicle bursts, and ripened ovule safely falls into the fallopian tube. Time of ovulation (ie, fully ripe follicle and release of mature eggs) each woman individually. Calculate it can only be approximate since this process is influenced by various factors. These include diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, liver, kidney, etc. Stress and emotional distress, too may cause rapid or slow development of the egg. Egg cell – is the largest cell in the human body, although to the naked eye to see it hard. Its diameter is 0.2 mm.

After ovulation ripened ovule, through the movement bahromok that cover the inner walls of the fallopian tube, moves to the uterus. While the egg matures the follicle under the influence of the already mentioned hormones in parallel had read the preparation of the mucous membrane of the uterus. Its thickness increases from 1 to 10 mm, it creates a large amount of new blood and lymph vessels, it becomes a juicy, soft, and is nothing like potential bed for the conception of substance. If as a result of sexual intercourse ripened egg into the fallopian tube meets the male sex cell (sperm), the egg and sperm unite, and there is fertilization (conception). Days after ovulation are the most propitious for conception. If fertilization does not occur, then the mixture into the uterine cavity box is unnecessary, juicy, pachymenia torn away and menstruation begins. This cycle is repeated for women who have reached puberty, each month. That’s where the people had a second name for this process – monthly. The beginning of menstruation girl shows her maturity and the ability to reproduce a new life. So do not forget, because today, beginning menstruation sometimes coincides with the onset of sexual activity. Ignorance of elementary processes occurring in a woman’s body, leads to unpleasant consequences.