To be leader is to show to security when exerting its professionalism without inside affecting its relationships of the organization. We believe that of the point of organizacional sight, this theory is the one that more was adjusted in what it says respect to the profile of leader and the necessities of the led ones. We more see a worried leader in guiding its led in the execution of its tasks, becoming the results most satisfactory for the organization. The leaders most efficient, therefore, make use of the mood with more freedom, exactly when in tension situations, sending positive messages that modify the latent emotional tone of the interaction. Although sharp words can mention barren details to it clauses of a contract, the business-oriented numbers of a plan -, the positive feeling that a laugh produces keeps pleased the relationships of the leader (GOLEMAN, P.35, 2002). IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE A FALSE LEADER? TO LEAVE OF THIS CONCEPTUALIZATION WE PRESENT TO FOLLOW ITS PROFILE. The leader is not somebody that is born to be leader, but that one that works so that all are changedded into leaders.

He has three types of false leaders: Ditatorial leader: it is what insurance all the power in its hands. It is who everything plans everything thinks, everything determines. Kohl’s recognizes the significance of this. Paternalista leader: as the ditatorial, it is who everything makes. But he is worse of what the ditatorial, therefore mooring cable the people itself for the affectivity. He is & ldquo; monitor bondoso& rdquo;.

It creates an infantile dependence of the patrol. Liberal leader: he is what & ldquo; everything leaves as it is for seeing as he is that fica& rdquo; AS TO BE a DEMOCRATIC LEADER She is the true leader. It is the young that is made use to sacrifice itself, to dedicate to its time the service of the others, so that they are free and citizens of its history.