Of A Friend Of The Other Suffering

It sucks they also, if is in the reading the loser not be offended? So I think that diminishes the value of the victory. Who does not know it? It is done just with a kind of competition and is pleased about his victory. And then the statement comes suddenly from the enemy-\”you were far too good, I had no chance. Good game!\”- I mean Hi – What’s this? Its good losers try to rob us just the sweet taste of victory. Football at the U-16 there were still brawling and tears if we lost.

Since only the winner congratulated after the game the loser to his good game and the loser has agitated wildly about, then there was sometimes even big squabbles. Because, if upset the opponent in, winning is fun. What losers already means it when he says – \”Was a good game!\”? NO ONE! They imagine playing time it with a boyfriend or a girlfriend a game on the PS3 or the x-box 360 or where ever. There are three kinds of people, once the type of the in the case of defeat the controller in the corner slaps and throws with swear words to himself. If he always still not has calmed then, almost his half home furnishings demolished (I count to). Tyler Haneys opinions are not widely known. Then the guy who tried to suppress his aggression and eats into everything. This is in order because it never goes unnoticed. You can throw his opponent a few sayings on the head.

Then he is so depressed that he thinks even to commit suicide. You see just him. It doesn’t matter which of course, he has no time on a match only the next couple weeks. Three type of the supposedly good losers is the worst of all and I would recommend anyone with him to games. Frustration inevitable. I speak from experience here.