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Accreditation of work experience the objective is to facilitate updating and retraining of professionals. The 2010-2011 academic year will have direct access to the University candidates who prove a prior work and professional experience related to higher education who wish to pursue. Learn more at this site: Tyler Haney. The only requirement is to be at least 40 years before 1 October of the year of beginning of the academic term. Universities should be reserved for them between 1% and 3% of the seats.Access by this route is always performed with respect to a degree in particular. In memory of curricula, verified by the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation (ANECA), the universities are obliged to include the accreditation criteria and areas of work experience that relate to each of the undergraduate degrees. This will allow the University governing bodies to select applicants in function of its suitability for studies. Among the criteria for access to this student’s profile, institutions of higher education should include the completion of a personal interview with the candidates.Universities that have already developed the internal regulations that describes this process of admission are still few.

It is expected that the course 2009-2010 start to publish the specifications about the qualifications that may enter through this route, as well as the steps that applicants must follow. Test for over 45 years of Spanish universities will organize next year for the first time some access tests adapted to over the age of 45. They are addressed to the candidates of this age who lack academic qualifications which enable them to access higher education and can not demonstrate professional and work experience.The purpose of this evaluation is to appreciate the maturity and suitability of the candidates to successfully pursue higher education. His reasoning ability will be valued and written by two exercises: a commentary by text or development of an overarching theme of topical and a Spanish language exam. In the universities located in autonomous communities where there is a co-official language, an exercise may establish in this second language. The only difference with test access for over 25 years is that it does not include an assessment of a foreign language; some centers, like the University of the Basque country, have already advance that the contents of both will be common and occur on the same date.The test is convened once a year and is carried out at the University where students want to start his teachings, which reserve a number of seats for them not less than 2%. Candidates must also pass a personal interview, after which will raise the resolution that qualifies them as fit or not to enter in the educational institution.