Mutual Fund

To engage in trade, we must constantly monitor the market – and whether we have all this time? And will there be enough funds to use information tools? If we are broadcasting: Yes – then everything is ok, but if not – let's consider the following option – personal asset management. Private has one drawback – the provision of services to create and manage your own portfolio begins with the amounts in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that are inaccessible to most investors. There is another, equally important factor – but is it always we do know for our investment preferences, in what areas is better to stay? And here come to the fore collective investments – in Russian jurisdiction of this unit investment trusts (mutual funds) and the general funds of bank management (OFBU). That we see here? We begin with a formal and very important. Creating a mutual fund made through the purchase of the participants of investment units. Investment share – just a security certifying the right . Pai also entitles the holder to receive back money invested, and income (in the case of stock price appreciation). Sale and redemption of the units produces the management company and / or agents of mutual fund.

Shareholders of mutual funds can be both physical and legal persons. Under the legislation – is a property complex without a legal entity that is not the taxpayer. Since the transfer of money in the Fund (the Fund's unit purchase) prior to receipt of his payment (sales unit manager), means investors are not taxed, ie, all intermediate revenues are reinvested back (again moved in), and within stock gains and losses from securities transactions of various categories of fully balancing, as opposed to brokerage services, and individual trust management. .