Martina Cup

Finally the fear of people has solidified in him so, that he can defend himself only against them: he leaves no one to approach for fear that again will hurt him. The escape is blocked a horse in human environment. What him as last resort stays, because he feels threatened, is to attack the people, to deal with his fear. The history of our Wallachs fine, because he has found an owner who made it his mission has to heal his wounded soul, that trust him give back to people. Slowly, step for step.

“She knows that from her gelding isn’t inherently evil” is he was made as each horse called evil by people at, what he’s an animal, that no other way looks with all the power forward to confront the people in his inner need. “Aggressive behavior towards humans is a serious behavior disorder, which corresponds to the peace-loving, harmony-seeking nature of a horse in any way”. When it comes to a horse as aggressive to classify is that, there are always reasons that cause this or have caused. In most cases that aggressiveness is based on fear, occasionally there is a dominance problem. Carrot as a whip? To make out the psychology we know but also another way, a living being aggressive”: the reward of inappropriate behaviors. Amazon usually is spot on. Example of this is a horse that is fed with treats and learn that it gets them if it direction his owner and her demanding afflicted. As a result, from time to time, the animal more ignored the physical border of dealing. By giving out treats, if the horse pushes, pushes, or even knibbelt, it will be rewarded for this behavior.

It can easily imagine how the horse of this behavior increases with reward with treats up to the serious physical Harassing people. Conclusion: “the evil horse is not a natural product, but always man-made” knowledge important! To help a horse to live in harmony with himself and his environment, you must analyze the origins of the problem and make the necessary changes. For the treatment of the fears, the readiness for aggression, the lack of good faith is recommended such as EFT (emotional freedom techniques) or NMT also the Feinberg technique. Because these approaches, in conjunction with behavioral methods help also the owner or rider of the horse, give security and support his shrewdness in dealing with a difficult horse. Fact sheet author: psychologist Martina Cup, vintage 1958, had already while studying the behavioural therapy for animals, particularly horses and dogs as a focal point. In her practice, she works with people and their animals for many years. This mainly applies the Energy Psychology and EFT, supported by behavioural Methods. Learn more about Martina Cup under image download in 300 dpi for magazine: feed forbidden image: Matthias Koranzki-pixel source/Printis equestrian PR gentle horse questions and images we are gladly available your contact: Ursula Kuhn Printis equestrian PR Agency for marketing and PR / Agence de marketing et relations publiques-Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. 49 90762 Furth Germany/Allemagne Tel.: +49-(0)911 – 43 13 747 fax.: +49-(0)911 – 43 11 860 E-Mail: